How to Make Toilet Roll Ninjas – Frugal Fun For Kids

My daughter and I had SO MUCH FUN making ninjas out of toilet rolls and straws this evening!

So quick and easy to make these toilet roll ninjas, with their mad sensei skills, are a perfect after school, weekend or playdate craft for boys and girls. They would make for a perfect craft for ninja themed birthday parties too.

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toilet roll ninjas

How to Make Toilet Roll Ninjas – Frugal Fun For Kids

These guys don’t even need a tutorial, the kids just literally paint, knot and go!

Materials you need: toilet roll cores, paint, straws and a black marker.

toilet roll ninjas


First draw the slot for the ninjas’ eyes.

toilet roll ninjas

Then paint…

toilet roll ninjas

Draw on the piercing ninja eyes and eyebrows…… and knot your straw belts

how easy, how cool eh?

Happy Crafting

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