Fun Crayon Wands

After a summer of fun, our craft cabinet is a disaster, filled with LOTS of broken ends and bits. It was a gold mine of DIY potential! Broken crayons get a chance for new life.

To get ready for Back-to-school we melted down our old crayons and oil pastels to create crayon “wands”.

Homemade, crafty and COOL. This activity was inspired in part by the book, 101 Kids Activities.  One of the activities in the book created new crayons from glue sticks. They also suggested this method of crayon-making. Fun! Perfect DIY gift idea.

Fun Crayon Wands

Fun Crayon Wands

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Take all the wrappers off of your crayons and if they are not already broken, break them into smaller pieces.

Fill your small glass jars with the crayon bits and put the jars onto the candle warmer. It takes awhile using the warmer but it is not super hot, making this a safer project for kids to help with.

While you are waiting for the crayons to melt, fill a TP tube with the straws. Tape the bottom of the straws or wrap a bit of tin foil around them and stand the straws upright in your disposable plate.

Fun Crayon Wands

Carefully pour the melted crayon into the upright straws. We layered the crayon colors. The more the merrier. My kids favorite crayons were the ones where the colors mixed a bit. They called them tie-dye crayons!

Fun Crayon Wands

These are a super fun gift idea for either back-to-school, or add a fun pack of paper for a DIY coloring kit.

Like this idea?? Check out our other activities and crafts in our book, 101 Kids Activities.

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  1. Yolande van Heerden says:

    How do you get the crayon out of the straws?

  2. What a great way to use up crayons. Do the straws peel off easily?

  3. I like this take new take on recycling old crayon bits. My nephews would go crazy for these. Adding this to my projects to make for Christmas. Every year I try to give them something that can’t be bought in a store and that they can use to create.

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