DIY Crayons!  Keep reading to learn about this great crayon activity to make a cool new tool for your child’s art supplies. Kids Activities Blog wants to point out that this activity is for parents to make and for kids to enjoy.

DIY crayons

DIY Crayons

Does your art center need a bit of a pick me up?   Ours did.   The crayons had fallen by the wayside in favor of colored pencils and markers.   So I decided to try and make them more appealing for Bear (4.5 yrs) by turning empty glue sticks into twistable crayons. To get the glue stick containers ready, I twisted them up all the way, and then cut off the glue with a plastic knife.   I also dug out whatever glue was left in the plunger.   Then it was on to prepping the crayons. Peeling labels off of crayons can be tedious work, so to expedite the process I used the large-sized crayons made for younger children.   This way, I didn't have to peel so many.   After the wrappers were all taken off, I snapped them into a few pieces and placed them in cupcake wrappers in a muffin tin.   (It just so happened I had corresponding wrappers).

Crayon Activity for Parents {DIY crayons that kids will love!}

For Parents

It took them about 8 minutes in the oven set at 350 degrees to get them to melt.   I carefully removed the tin from the oven.   Pouring the melted wax into the glue containers proved fairly easy with the cupcake wrappers.   All I had to do was pinch the tops together to create a small opening for the wax to go through.   I found that one of the fat crayons filled 2 glue stick containers.   Due to the hot wax, this is most definitely only recommended for adults.

Kids love DIY Crayons! {Easy Crayon Activity for Parents to Make}

Crayon Activity

I set the hot wax filled containers on the stove to cool and harden.   I waited about 6 hours just to ensure that they had fully set. Then I set them out on our preschool table for Bear to explore.   This little twist on traditional homemade crayons proved to be just the inspiration he needed.

Crayon Activity for Parents that Kids Love {DIY Crayons!}

  Please note: I am sharing this activity as a project for parents to do for their children.   I do not recommend this project for children.   Please use your discretion and best judgment.

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  1. Awesome!! I’ve done the whole making multicolor crayons in muffin tins before, but never this idea. I keep all broken crayons for an activity and I think we found it! Thanks for the post!

  2. This. is. beyond. brilliant. You’re amazing Mrs. Andie Jaye 🙂 xo P