Sensory play is important for children of every age, stimulating their senses and encouraging them to explore.  If you’ve been on the hunt for some simple, inexpensive ways to ignite sensory play, we’ve got a whole list for you!

Inspired by Lemon Lime Adventures, we’re sharing some sensory play ideas for you to try with your kids.  Maybe they will even inspire you to create your own.

15 {Fantastic} Sensory Play Ideas

15 {Fantastic} Sensory Play Ideas

1.  Shaving Cream – Here are three sensory activities with shaving cream.  These are great because they are inexpensive and easy clean-up!

2.  Gooey Bag – Play with the fun substance that is made from baking soda and vinegar.  Put it in a bag and dye it green!

3.   Cloud Dough – Learn what cloud dough is and how to make it.

4.  Baby Cloud Dough – Here is a baby friendly version of cloud dough!

5.  Baby Play – Babies can have a fun time with sensory play, too!  Filling a basket with beads entertains them and gives them a chance to explore new textures.

6.  Shredded Paper – Take all your recycle paper and shred it for some fun sensory play.

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7.  Practical Life Activity – Peel and play with hard-boiled eggs.

8.   Sensory Dough – This homemade rainbow-scented dough has a fun texture and is fun to play with.

9.   Foam Dough – Here is another fun dough recipe and ways to use it – great for exploring their sense of touch.

10.  Activity Cube – Use styrofoam, beads and pipe cleaners to make this activity cube that lets baby explore.

11.  Explore Lights – Let them explore the wonder of twinkle lights by simply putting holiday lights in a glass jar!

12.  Baby Sensory Bin – A sensory bin that is perfect for babies who love grasping everything they see and bringing it straight to their mouth.

Understanding Sensory Processing

13.  What Is Sensory Processing?

14.  Phrases No Parent Wants to Hear

15.  Loving the Explosive Child

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