Has it been a challenge to keep your kids entertained this summer? How many times have you heard the statement I’m bored? We are over the hump and summer is officially a little over halfway gone. But this is when things might get hard because maybe you are running out of interesting ways to entertain your kids. Not to mention, a great deal of entertainment can really add up in costs and many of us are on a budget. simple activities for kids this summer This list is full of the forgotten things we did as kids like going fishing and playing in the water. All of these are totally budget-friendly. The list also gets kids off the handheld games and out from in front of the television. Yay! And, many of these items are great for family activities as well. Win, win!

25 Summer Activities for Preschoolers and Kids

  1. Create a DIY bird feeder from recycled items.
  2. Have a pajama party and watch movies all day.
  3. Make homemade popsicles together.
  4. Make S’more Bars inside!
  5. Create letter of the week crafts.
  6. Go for a walk at the mall.
  7. Go fishing.
  8. Organize toys together. Donate anything unneeded as a family.
  9. Find a roller skating rink. Totally a lost art!
  10. Go wildflower picking.
  11. Make musical instruments out of re-purposed items.
  12. Do a puzzle together. Better yet, make one.
  13. Have fun with food.
  14. Read one of the best childrens books.
  15. Welcome troops at the airport.
  16. Have a scavenger hunt.
  17. Do some free printable worksheets.
  18. Play in the water.
  19. Have a tea party or a tea tasting.   Boys and girls can totally join the fun.
  20. Create something with Legos.
  21. Refashion clothes. Even boys can sew!
  22. Go for a Sunday drive. (Keep little ones entertained.)
  23. Find a new playground.
  24. Make kid friendly pizza together. (Cooks super fast.)
  25. Make mud pies. We loved doing this as kids.
Which activity are you most excited to do with your kiddos?  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great summer activities, we especially love the outdoor and recycling ideas.