This is our 9th summer of Camp Mom! Camp Mom is over 80 pages of summer ideas and fun for kids that requires little to no set up. Whether you prefer to plan a schedule of activities in advance or need a grab bag of ideas as backup, the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack will help you experience a summer filled with fun, connection, and playful learning.

Camp Mom summer activities packet shown in printed version bound on grass - Kids activities Blog
Let’s have some fun with Camp Mom!

Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack

The Camp Mom Summer Activities pack is specially designed by early education experts to help you and your kids enjoy making memories together. Filled with worksheets for planning, establishing summer routines, activity instructions, supply checklists and more, it has everything you need for a successful summer.

Your Summer Schedule Simplified

Camp Mom has been put together with you in mind. We want your summer fun to be as easy as possible. Start out by printing your planning printables, you’ll want to have them handy.

Summer Schedule Made Easy Through Camp Mom

  • Summer Schedule template
  • Summer Tasks
  • Summer Routine
  • Summer Bucket List
  • Theme Planner
  • Basic Art Kit Checklist
  • Summer Survival Grid
  • Problem Solving Steps
  • Museum Trip Guide

You may use 1 or 2 of the planning sheets…you may use them all! Even though I am one of those haters of schedules, I found that a loose summer schedule made a WORLD of difference and we had so much more fun with less stress.

Camp Mom Summer Activities Planner

Summer Themed Crafts & Activities for Kids

Camp Mom is separated into four summer activities & crafts groups: water, nature, art and sensory play every day! Each activity is explained with supplies needed, prep work, activity instructions and activity extensions. At the end of each themed chapter there is a list of additional ideas, checklist and books to read.

Water Activities for Summer from Camp Mom

  • Water painting
  • Splash! Target practice
  • Moving water
  • Duck duck splash
  • Homemade aquarium
  • Sensory water bags
  • Tide pool small world
  • Water nature hunt
  • Mixing colored water
  • Bucket relay game
  • Gelatin water play
  • Make a water blob
  • Absorption experiment
  • Water ball
  • Water wall
Camp Mom - Nature theme - Pounding leaf prints - Kids Activities Blog - pdf page from Camp mom with instructions on pounding leaf prints
Here is a page from the Nature activities in Camp Mom!

Nature Themed Activities from Camp Mom

  • Compost soup
  • Mud pie kitchen
  • Backyard explorer
  • Stone pets
  • Natural herbal play dough
  • Painting with nature
  • Fairy garden
  • Printable paper earth
  • Cookies for the birds
  • Terracotta bird bath
  • Pounding leaf prints
  • Nature people
  • Sensory play garden
  • Nature suncatchers
  • Nature shadow box
  • Human sundial
  • Printable garden scavenger hunt
Camp Mom Art Ideas - Frozen Painting - Kids Activities Blog - pdf shown of page 72 in Camp Mom frozen painting instructions
Here is one of the pages from the art section in Camp Mom!

Art Theme Ideas from Camp Mom

  • Homemade body paint
  • Paint like Pollock
  • Klimt potato printing
  • Make camp t-shirts
  • Throwing ribbon painting
  • Shaving cream window art
  • Pipe cleaner sculptures
  • Van Gogh finger painting
  • Painting like Monet
  • Spray paint relief
  • Frozen painting
  • Bubble printing
  • Egg-y chalk paint
  • Fizzy sidewalk chalk
  • Art Discussion questions for kids

Sensory Activities Lists from Camp Mom

  • Giant list of suggested sensory activities
  • Quick guide to sensory play
  • Kitchen sensory fun list
  • Resources for a fun summer
Camp Mom ebook on picnic table background
Enjoy summer with your kids with this summer activity organizer + dozens of activities ideas and how-to all in one!

Host Your Own Fun Summer Camp Mom Experience!

More than a stack of activities, the Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack helps you manage conflict, teach kids how to problem solve, and shows you how to have great trips with your kids. Parenting can be so much easier when you have the tools you need to minimize conflict and maximize fun.

So many fun ideas…the summer is going to fly by!

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