fun bicycle gamesFrom an early age, my kids have loved riding bikes.  Always looking for something new & fun to do outdoors, we decided to try to come up with some fun games that involved riding our bikes.  Here are a few fun ones we liked: How Slow Can You Go? Using sidewalk chalk, draw a 4-inch wide line that stretches across a driveway or down the street. Have some of the line be straight, have some be curvy, or make them have a figure eight.  Using a stopwatch, time the riders and challenge them to go as slow as they can with out putting their foot down (or they start over). Penny Pass Set up a course with safety cones (or objects you have in your garage) down a sidewalk.  Every so often place an empty soup can along the course (we had 4).  Get creative with your course, asking the rider to loop around cones, ride between objects, etc.  This is a great time to let the kids plan it out! Give each rider a handful of pennies (same amount as cans) and challenge them to drop a penny into each can on the course.  Make the course as elaborate (for experienced riders) or simple (toddlers on trikes) as you want. Wanna Get Wet? Being that it is summer, my kids were getting hot quickly playing on their bikes.  So when they asked to include water in their bike fun, I whole-heartedly agreed!  We grabbed water balloons, water guns, sprinklers, and hoses and went to town. Each kid had a “water station” they created and everyone took turns riding through and getting wet!  I didn’t ask, but by the smiles on their faces and the squeals of joy, this one was a favorite! What fun Bicycle games have you & your family come up with?
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