How To Make Beaded Wind Chimes

Homemade wind chimes are the perfect outdoor craft to make with kids. We are showing you where to buy metal chimes, which beads will look pretty in the sunlight, and how to assemble wind chimes.

handmade beaded wind chimes on cholla wood hanging from a garden shed


  • Cholla wood (or a thick stick or branch)
  • Clear fishing line
  • Hemp cord
  • Beads
  • Wind chime tubes
  • E-6000 glue
  • Scissors
beads, glue, cholla wood, and metal chimes to make beaded wind chimes

Beads for wind chimes

We used an assortment of different beads that we already had at home combined with others from a local craft store. The stones and colored glass beads are perfect for reflecting light from the sun and will make your wind chimes shine.

clear stones and colored beads and stones to make wind chimes


I used cholla wood for our wind chime project that I purchased at a local nursery, but a thick branch will work just as well. Check the weight of your beads and plan accordingly. If your stick is too thin it might snap under the weight hanging from it.

a piece of cholla wood with hemp cord and a pink glass bead being assembled to make wind chimes.

Tie a piece of hemp cord to the top of the wood for hanging, or thread it through the holes if using cholla wood; I found this easiest to do with a needle. I threaded mine through a bead to make a loop about halfway. Secure the hemp cord in place with a drop of E-6000 glue.

fishing line and hemp cord glued to cholla wood for a wind chime craft

Tie or loop fishing line to your wood hanging down from the bottom. Secure each at the wood with E-6000 glue. Make sure that they are close enough that when the wind blows the chime tubes will touch each other. Ours are a little over an inch apart.

Now you can start threading beads onto the fishing line. I prefer to lay my pattern out on a counter first so that I can plan how I want it to look.

assorted beads and metal chimes laid out to make wind chimes

Once you’ve finished threading your beads, tie the end of the fishing, and then tie a metal chime tube to the bottom.

colored beads, stones, and metal chime tubes to make homemade wind chimes

Hang your wind chimes outdoors where they will catch the light and a breezy draft.

handmade wind chimes made from cholla wood and beads

Do wind chimes scare birds?

If you have bird nests, bird feeders, or a birdbath, don’t hang your wind chimes too close as the sound can scare away the birds. Hang it in a space in your garden or under your patio where you don’t want birds to go. Hanging under the eaves of your patio will help stop them from making a mess on your outdoor furniture.

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