A good foundation is important for both buildings and for life.   This week’s sponsor, Cerra, is a company with a wide variety of products, ranging from comforting oils, candles,   journal aids and more.   Their products help remind us to be grounded in who we are and to build with what we have around us.   They motivated me to transform what was a dead tree into lively play.   We are making our own tree blocks (similar to the ones by Counting Coconuts).   Exploring with recovered items from our environment is a great way to ground our kids in who they are, to teach them to re-use, re-purpose and to be inventive with their world. .Tree blocks . We kept several branches and the trunk of the tree we cut down in a dry place (our garage) for several months to let the wood completely dry out   – I also needed time to decide what we were going to create.   Then we cut slices out of the branches – ranging from one inch wide to 4 inches tall.   We also cut some larger blocks from the thicker trunk (it was a small tree). . preping wood tree blocks . We are anticipating some major life changes and I am trying to prepare for the Winter as much as possible now, so even though these blocks are going to be the kids Christmas present, I let my son help.   He loved dusting off the branches and wiping them with polyurethane.   We gave the blocks two coats with the hopes that these will be outside “toys” and I wanted them to be able to withstand the elements. .homemade gift for kids Our tree blocks are boxed up, ready and waiting for Christmas!   I love being prepared.     Cerra in their Seven Intentions encourages us to, “Return to something secure and familiar. Ground yourself. From there, you can forge new territory”.   I think these blocks will help do that for our kids.   They will learn to build and create with items rescued from their environment, their own backyard.   Thanks Cerra for inspiring us! . I’m curious to know: In your busy everyday life, how do you strive for balance? To be grounded in who you are? By replying you will be entered to win one of two prizes! First Prize: $150 to a Local Spa, plus $50 Gift Certificate to the Cerra Boutique.Second Prize: One of Five $100 Gift Certificate to the Cerra Boutique. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cerra. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.  

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