R2D2 Trash Can

R2D2 Trash Can

*Alternately Titled: How I got my son to clean up his paper bits.*

My son enjoys Star Wars. His father got the boys hooked on it when I was on a trip to Ethiopia. They quote large portions of it to each other over the dinner table.

Imagine his surprise and joy when his best buddy showed up with a decorated trash can!!

R2D2 Trash Can

Make Your Own R2D2 Trash Can:

  • White Colored Domed Trash Can.
  • Black, Blue, Silver Duct Tapes (affiliate link)
  • A kiddo who is a fanatic about Star Wars!

Aiden and his mom cut the duct tape to match R2D2. This trash can is treasured, as it is made with love.

R2D2 Trash Can

AND… it has a hidden perk.  

We homeschool, and after school time there is a LOT of paper trash at our house. Try as I might, one of our triplets gets a hold of scissors. Turns out *this* R2D2, needs paper and only paper to survive. He has a very demanding diet for paper. He comes out once a day for his “meal.”  

Thank you Aiden, Amy and R2D2 for cleaning up our school room.

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