Looking for some great New Years Eve activities to do with your kids? Look no further because kids of all ages will love all of these super fun and festive New Years Eve activities. These New Years activities are great for at home and some are even great for the classroom!

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New Years Eve Activities For Kids

Staying home with the kids on New Year’s Eve does not have to be a bore.

It can actually be quite fun!

There are so many creative ideas to have an exciting night of New Years fun with the kids.

Top Kids New Year’s Eve Activities

1. Free New Year’s Eve Coloring Pages

Text: Happy New Year Printable Pack- Kids Activities Blog- Happy New Year coloring page, I spy game, and word search against a festive background with stars and fireworks.
Grab your free printable New Years Eve coloring pages and activity sheets!

Print out this set of three adorable New Year coloring pages. This is a super easy way to have fun and be a little festive with the kids. What better way to enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebration than with fun activities like coloring!

2. Fun New Year’s Even Sensory Bin

New years activities- sensory bin on wood table- kids activities blog
This New Years sensory bin is fun and educational.

Want something fun, festive, and educational to celebrate new Year’s Eve? While you wait for the ball drop, grab a plastic bin or a large pan and fill it up with lots of party favors, party hats, and decorations for a fun sensory bin.

3. Fun Holidays Themed Charades

New years activities- charades on pieces of paper- kids activities blog
Let’s play New Years charades!

Play charades! Make a list of holiday words on a sheet of paper, cut them out and take turns acting them out or drawing the clues. This is great for the whole family to celebrate in a fun way while you wait for midnight and the happy new year!

4. Create A Time Capsule

Wood crate with a chalk board in the middle- Text: Make A Family Time Capsule- Kids Activities Blog
You can make a family time capsule this new year’s eve to open next year!

Create a family time capsule! Decorate a shoe box and then add things inside that signify your year as a family.  Include photos, a list of your favorite things, ticket stubs, etc.

5. DIY New Year’s Countdown Ball

New Years Activities- countdown new years ball- kids activities blog
3, 2, 1… time for the New Years ball to drop!

Feel like you’re in Times Square with your very own sparkly New Year’s ball. Just a styrofoam ball, glue, sequins and rhinestones is all you need. This is a fun activity that you should be able to get most of the items at the dollar store. This is great for older kids and younger kids like preschoolers.

6. New Year’s Bingo

New Years Activities- bingo printable in color- kids activities blog
Let’s play New Year’s Eve bingo!

Play New Year’s bingo with this free printable game board. Keep track of all the fun things you see and hear during the evening. Who doesn’t love some fun new year’s eve bingo? This is one of my favorite printable New Year’s eve games!

7. DIY New Years Eve Noise Maker

Boy making new years eve noise maker with colorful bubble wrap- new years eve activities- kids activities blog
Make your own New Years Eve noisemakers! It’s easy!

Kids love making noise, and New Years Eve is the perfect time to do so. Spread colorful bubble wrap on the floor and let the kids pop it!

8. DIY Fireworks In A Jar

New Years activities- fireworks in a jar with colors- kids activities blog
It isn’t New Year’s without fireworks.

Make your own fireworks…in a jar! This is a safe, fun, and easy way to celebrate the New Year.

9. Lunar New Year’s Drum

New years activities- lunar new years drum- kids activities blog
Celebrate the Lunar New Years with this drum.

Learn about the Chinese tradition of the Lunar New Year by making a drum from paper plates and beads.

10. New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags

New Years Activities- countdown bags with times on them- kids activities blog
Countdown to the New Year with these countdown bags.

Make the fun last all night with these incredible count down bags. Fill smalls bags with activities for kids like a new movie, disposable camera, games etc., and label them to open at different times throughout the night.

More New Years Eve Fun From Kids Activities Blog:

Text: New Year's Secret Code Activity- Kids Activities Blog- Printable with crack the code and numbers, lines, and pencils
Can you crack this New Year’s Eve code?

What are your plans this New Years Eve? Let us know in the comments below.

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