This week’s pick for our  best blog  feature is  STEM Mom. We are featuring an interview with Darci today and rounding up some of our favorite STEM Mom posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won’t want to miss! stemmomblog

Best Blog

STEM MOM is being featured as best blog today. We love that her blog is always focused on learning. She does this whether  it’s a formal science lesson, craft or outdoor activity, with preschool or high school age kids. No matter what she is doing Darci finds ways to make science, technology, engineering and math connections on her blog, homeschooling her boys or when she is working with other children.


We are interviewing Darci today to find out about the mom behind the STEM Mom blog. Why did you begin blogging? I’ve been a professional Science/English public school teacher for 17 years, and after my son became school age, my husband and I decided that we should school our kids ourselves. I blog to share my ideas, to network with other moms, and to grow my professional image. I blog not only the stuff I do with my kindergartner, but also the middle school and high school STEM labs I do with troubled teens at a boarding school in which I volunteer two days a week. What do you hope to inspire in the parents who read your blog? Honestly, I’m not sure I have too much to offer early childhood homeschool bloggers, as I am a novice, just finding her way. The posts I make talking about homeschooling are more about record keeping and accountability. But I am more confident that my middle/high school material that I post may actually be innovative! Lately I’ve been posting the same lab written at several levels of inquiry. My hope is that parents can be shown how cookbook labs with the few changes can be made so much more fun, and allow students to actually THINK! What is it like to live in your home? I have two boys (Mom’s the only girl…they remind me of that every day!).
  • Caleb is 5 and we are working through the kindergarten standards now. Caleb is auditory, he is a Mr. Movie Quote man, and can hum back any melody on demand.
  • Corban is 21 months old and loves keeping up with his brother.
What are your kids favorite activities? Sink or float is a standby for us. We’ll gather materials from around the house and predict what the item will do. Its a hit because its: 1) messy, 2) fun, 3) its free. STEMMOMblog What is important to YOU as a blogger? I feel as if I am in between two worlds; the homeschooling world, and the public education world and on the verge of being rejected by both. However, I have decided not to hide my passions, and to share my life, the experience I have had that have made me who I am today, in hopes that it encourages others and helps them along in their journey as well. What is your advice to readers? Allow kids to be explore, be messy, and loud, they are conducting simple yet important experiments about the world around them! Thanks so much Darci for sharing your love of learning with us. We are excited to follow you along in your homeschool journey. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging us today.


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  1. I love the scope of the STEM mom blog! I love that there is information for every age level and how to incorporate all of the STEM areas. Great choice to be spotlighted. I’ve really been enjoying the spotlights.