Let’s Make a New Year’s Eve Time Capsule!

A family time capsule is such a fun way to celebrate the New Year. The time capsule activity makes good use of time together as we reflect on all the fun and memories we had the year before.

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This is a great family activity for kids of all ages. Let’s make a time capsule!

Time Capsule Ideas for the New Year

It is fun to be working together to put together a family time capsule to remember the memories and things that we don’t want to forget in the coming years.

Our capsule isn’t fancy. We start with decorating an old shoe box. The kids can choose from paint, stickers, and glitter glue – whatever their hearts desire for time capsule decoration!

Once the time capsule box is as beautiful as it can be, we’ll start working on the contents.

What to Put in a Time Capsule

Here are some ideas that you might want to include in a family time capsule that will help tell your story of the year:

  1. Pictures of each family member
  2. A list of accomplishments and successes
  3. Current height and weight
  4. Favorite things. This list could get really long. Think of favorites such as food, sport, color, school class, song, movie, ice cream flavor, book, TV show, birthday present, best friend, etc.
  5. Most wonderful memory from this holiday season
  6. A small memento such as a small toy or other cherished keepsake
  7. Predictions for the coming year such as how much taller children thing they will grow or for adults, which two teams will make it to the Big Game!

Opening Your Time Capsule

What is really fun about a family time capsule is that we get to open it up again in one year. Next New Year’s Eve we’ll open our time capsule and relive all the wonderful memories and see how our predictions came out.


What do you put in your time capsule?


  1. Neelam Ravindrakumar Jaiswal says:

    i really loved this ida. could you please send me a picture of this time capsule. excited to see how it looks

  2. I think this iS THE BEST

  3. Kristen Yard says:

    So glad that you like it!

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