Sam’s Club has the coolest ride on toys for kids that I have seen in a long time. It is a set of bumper cars…what??

Flybar 6V bumper cars battery powered ride on box stacked at Sam's Club - Kids Activities Blog
I need bumper cars!

Sam’s Club Toys for Kids

I got a text from my husband from our local Sam’s Club yesterday that went a little like this…

screenshot from text conversation about finding these bumper cars at Sams Club for kids
Yep, if our kids were younger…they would be in our home.

“15 years ago there is no way I wouldn’t have purchased this.”

-My husband from Sam’s Club re: Bumper Cars Ride On Toy

Since our boys are now 17, 20 and 22…which is why we don’t currently have a box of bumper cars!

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Bumper Car Ride On Toy for Kids

So, just in case you do have smaller kids or are buying a present for smaller kids, you definitely might need to know about bumper cars!

Details for Flybar 6-Vold Battery Powered Bumper Cars

  • 2 pack with one red and one blue
  • Multi colored LED lights
  • Rechargeable 6 volt battery with charger.
  • Safety belt
  • For kids 18 months – 4 years old
  • Maximum weight is 66 lbs.
Bumper cars price at Sam's Club is 199.98 shown in warehouse
Price at our Sam’s Club

Buy Bumper Cars at Sams

At our Sam’s Club, the price was $199.98 for the 2 pack of bumper cars. You can put them in your cart with a little effort and walk out the front door (don’t forget to pay with the app!).

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Buy Bumper Cars at Amazon

You can also buy a similar set of Bumper cars on Amazon – also a 2 pack. The price on Amazon is a little higher and the colors are red and black instead of blue.

If you don’t want a two-pack or you want a larger bumper car that has more features, try these favorites I found:

So much fun!!

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Are you like my husband? Do you need this set of Bumper Cars for kids?

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