We all know that Costco is THE place to shop when it comes to buying items in bulk but there may be bulk items you didn’t know you could get.

For example, did you know that you can get a box of uncooked chocolate chip cookies from Costco?


And now, I am just finding out that you can also get a box of bagels from Costco too!


A now viral video on TikTok, shows a box of Costco bagels along with storage bags so you can sort them and freeze them at home.


According to those that have gotten these, a box of bagels costs around $25.

Now, pricing may vary by location but here is what people are typically finding price wise:

  • Plain $19.99
  • Sesame $21.99
  • Everything $22.99
  • Blueberry $26.99
  • Cinnamon $24.99
  • Cheese $33.99

Prices are based off a single flavor in a large box that comes in a 78 count.

Also, for those wondering, these do come fully cooked but are then frozen so if you want to, you can heat them up or just let them thaw until they reach room temperature.


So, the next time you are at your local Costco, make sure you ask if they will allow you to purchase a box of bagels. Not all locations may honor it, but a lot of people are saying their local stores will.

I think this would be great for a teacher appreciation week, bake sale or other type of fundraiser. You can even grab a box of the individual cream cheese packets while you’re there too!

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