Costco Is Selling Holiday Ravioli That Is Stuffed With 5 Varieties of Cheese And I Need Them

Ahh the holidays are in full swing and if you haven’t been to Costco lately, you need to make a trip there.

Costco Store Front

Aside from all the seasonal treats, Costco has all sorts of fun meal ideas the entire family will enjoy.

One of those being, this pack of Christmas Ravioli!!

This twin pack of Christmas Ravioli is a lot like the Pumpkin and Bat Ravioli they have around Halloween.

However, you actually get adorable little green Christmas trees and golden bells.

These ravioli are stuffed with a gourmet blend of asiago, parmesan, mozzarella, romano and ricotta cheeses. YUM!

You can serve them with some olive oil and parmesan cheese or with some tasty Alfredo sauce.

You can find these Christmas Raviolis at your local Costco now for around $9.89 for a 2-pack now.

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