Couple Feeds All Their Wedding Guests with $800 Worth of Costco Food and I’m In Awe

This is proof that Costco is king when it comes to buying in bulk…

Costco Store Front

When it comes to planning a wedding you quickly realize that feeding dozens or even hundreds of guests is going to cost a pretty penny.

One couple decided to break that stigma and headed to Costco to pick up bulk items they could use to feed their wedding guests… all 800 of them!

The bride posted photos of their wedding feast to the Facebook group Costco?????????? (Costco Honestly Speaking about Commodity Experience) showing off their gorgeous wedding banquet.

According to reports, the couple spent 25,000 TWD (approximately $787 in the US) on their wedding food at Costco.

As you can imagine, people are in awe and shocked at how amazing the wedding spread looked but also at the cost.

Seriously, it looks so professional!

“Oh my God! You’re so talented! I also had an outdoor wedding and the cost of catering was really shocking,” one Facebook user shared.

“This is a high-end outdoor wedding banquet,” another user wrote.

Honestly, it’s quite impressive.

So, the next time you find yourself planning or being a part of a wedding, keep this handy idea in mind – Costco is the place to go!

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