Enjoy the fall colors with your little one while sneaking in a little learning about colors.   This great activity book project will make it fun for your child as they discover the colors all around them.   Kids Activities Blog loves to promote color activities that make learning exciting for kids.

Fall Colors

The fall colors have just started appearing here in the South. The leaves are finally changing color and a variety of autumn decorations are now on neighbors porches and in their yards. My son and I sat down recently with a list of colors and brainstormed things we have seen displayed outside that went with each color on the list.  I was amazed at the variety of things that he came up with. There were several I hadn’t even thought about. I told my son that this list  was going to be used for a fall photo shoot and he was going to be the photographer. He was thrilled.  Taking pictures is something he really loves to do. We headed out into our yard to take most of the pictures. One needed to be taken at another shot site. He did a great job of getting close enough to the object he wanted to take a picture of to have its color be seen. Here are the pictures he took: fall colors The sky was particularly blue the day he shot this picture.  It actually has several shades of blue in it. activity book We have several pumpkins on our front porch. They do a great job of illustrating the color orange. color activities When we had discussed trying to find something red outside, my son had thought a red tractor would be fun to find. We talked about it and decided  we would have to go to a farm to find one and that the  local farm might not have a red one. Then he remembered the red seeds on a bush in the front yard. fall color activities This picture was supposed to illustrate the yellow leaves under our next door neighbor’s tree. After looking at it, my son decided it better illustrated the color brown. fall activities The black chairs on our deck were on our shot list. After taking the picture, my son pointed out that the shadows cast by the chairs and deck rail were black too. color activity book A neighborhood near our house displays several blow up characters in their square for Halloween. We headed there to take this shot for the color white.

Activity Book

When we had finished taking all the color pictures in on our shot list, we headed home. I downloaded the picture onto the computer and inserted them into a word processing program.   fall colors activity I then placed the color word beside the picture it was displayed on. The pages were then printed out and put into a binder. Now we have a wonderful book of fall colors with photographed by a very special four year old. Learning with fall colors

More Kids Activities

Fall Colors make the world glow.   Let your little one capture the beauty in their own Fall Colors Activity Book.   For more Fall-themed kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

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