Celebrating fall leaves is the perfect autumn activity for kids.   Kids Activities Blog has found some creative uses for fall leaves in child art projects.   It is just the kind of activities we adore – art you can make with your kids that doesn’t require fancy supplies! Autumn is the perfect season to take inspiration from nature and invite your children to create some art with fall leaves.   Check out these awesome art activities you can enjoy with your kiddos!

Fall Leaves

We headed out on a bright autumn day last week on a nature walk, which soon turned into a treasure hunt as the children tried to find as many differently shaped and colored fall leaves as they could – art supplies from Mother Nature! Back at home, we laid out the fall leaves to see what ideas they gave us to inspire our fall leaf art activities.

Art Activities

The children came up with some great art activities to make with their fall leaves.   Some of the children wanted to draw around their fall leaves and then fill in the shapes to create collages. We raided the kitchen cupboards to find a few dried lentils and beans – just the right fall colors to go with our leaves. The children used a PVA/craft glue to flood their leaf outlines, and then filled in the shapes with the textured pulses. An alternative design the kids came up with was to place one of the fall leaves in the centre of their page and sprinkle the lentils around the outside. Both look great, don’t you think?

More Art Activities with Fall Leaves for Kids

Make the most of your free fall art supplies with these kids activities:

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