This kid purse let’s your little one to be just like mommy! Kids of all ages, particularly younger kids like toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids will have so much fun with this kid purse. This kid purse is full of fun things that let’s your child explore pretend play, and will keep them busy for hours!

Pink purse full of makeup, keys, make up, credit card, identification card, house, and sun glasses against a white background.
This kid purse will allow your little one to be just like Mommy or Grandma!

Pretend Play Kid Purse

Growing up I remember pretending to be a teacher, doctor or even pretending to be a mommy. Which of us didn’t play house? I remember pretending to take my baby dolls to the doctor and to school. I would also pretend to go to the store.

But I always used an old purse my mom gave me in my dress up bin. This pretend play kid purse would have been a game changer. Why?

Because pretend Play is so important for a child’s development and if you’re looking for a fun play set, this purse play set may be it!

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Opened and spilled pink pretend play kids purse with open compact and sponge, pink matching wallet with pretend money, pretend credit cards, and pretend identification card, with red, green and yellow, keys and a pink key, with pretend lipstick, pretend iPhone, and pink sunglasses
You can pretend to go shopping at the grocery store!

What Does This Pretend Play Kid Purse Come With?

This Purse Play Set comes with everything your little one needs to pretend to be just like mommy.

All the items in the pink purse and wallet: money, credit cards, ID, makeup, keys, phone, and sunglasses
There are so many great items in this pretend play kids purse.

The set comes with:

  • A Pink Purse
  • Pretend Play Makeup
  • Credit Cards and an ID
  • Cellphone (that makes sounds)
  • Sun Glasses
  • House Keys
  • Wallet
  • Pretend Money
  • Car Keys
18 Items in the pink pretend play kids purse and wallet with push lock- lipstick, face powder, sun glasses, keys, credit cards, and identification card
You can shop, talk on the phone, and even put on pretend make up!

This would certainly make a fun gift for any child that is 3-years-old or older.

You can get this Purse Play Set on Amazon for just under $30 here.

Features Of This Pretend Play Kids Purse Set

Promote pretend play with pink kids purse full of wallet, money, cards, ID, keys, phones, and makeup
This purse set is a great way to promote pretend play.

Some really cool features of this pretend play purse set is that the phone an the keys are interactive. Both of them make real life sounds and have lights. They both do require batteries, but that’s no a huge issue.

Also, when it comes to the identification card, you can put your child’s photo in it or let them draw a picture of themselves.

And don’t worry, it is mess-free make up. You don’t have to worry about lipstick being everywhere.

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What do you think about this pretend play kid purse? Do you think your kids would love it?

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