Finding sensational fall activities for kids is as simple as looking around outside.   Kids Activities Blog loves this sensory tub ingredient list as a great way to introduce sensory awareness when choosing fall activities for kids.   Creating a sensory tub is a wonderful way for children to play, giving them so many different colors and textures to explore and lots of open-ended materials to use, however their imaginations suggest. And don’t you think autumn brings the very best combination of natural materials and color-theme to use?

Fall Activities for Kids

A fall sensory tub is very easy to set up and can give your children hours and hours of play. The basic idea is to get a container that is large enough to hold a selection of materials, and then fill it with goodies for your kids to explore. We often use a plastic under-the-bed storage box for our indoor sensory tub, which is big enough to give the children room to play but also easy to fill, store and transport around our play space. For autumn, we’re setting up our sensory tub in the garden, under a covered porch. It’s just the invitation to play my children need to encourage them to keep heading outdoors into the fresh air, even as the temperatures get a little cooler.

Sensory Tub Top 10

What do you put in your fall sensory tub? I like to offer a rich variety of sensory materials, so as many colours, shapes, and textures as I can find. I make sure there are lots of natural materials in there, often collected by the children from the garden or on one of our nature walks.

top 10

Here’s my top 10 for fall: 1. Dry pasta shapes fit the fall color theme and provide a good base material for the tub 2. Leaves are a must: in lots of different shapes and colours 3. Fir cones and seeds are abundant and can be used in play in lots of different ways. In the UK children love to collect the seeds from horse chestnut trees, which they call conkers, as well as fir cones and acorns 4. Dyed pasta pieces add color and texture (Here’s an easy way to dye pasta) 5. Lentils and dried peas and beans make nice treasure to hunt for 6. Bark and cut pieces from logs provide materials the children can use to build things 7. Sticks and twigs can be added too 8. Spoons, cups and containers give children things to scoop, measure and pour with, or to use as houses 9. Small animal characters such as squirrels and hedgehogs are favorites with my children, and always spark ideas to turn the fall sensory tub into an imaginary land 10. Your turn! What’s your favorite thing to include in a fall sensory tub?

More Fall Activities for Kids

This top 10 list of ingredients for a fall sensory tub will provide hours of fun for your kids.   For more great kid activities, check out these ideas:

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  1. I like to put rolled oats with cinnamon. It smells great. Add pine cones and other fall finds with spoons and cups. It’s great for little ones who tend to put things in their mouths. Its not very tasty but at least it’s not terrible if they do accidentally eat it. If they get tired of it just add a little water to make it more mold-able.

  2. How about using old film cases or contact lens cases to bring in the “smells” of fall? Put wet cotton balls in the cases and sprinkle the cotton balls with fragrances or dry spices….cinnomin, apple, nutmeg, pumpkin spice