This Toddler Refuses To Take Off His Dinosaur Mask to Eat Fries and It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Toddlers truly have a mind of their own and sometimes, they are dead set on their way of doing things.

Take this toddler for example, he refuses to take off his dinosaur mask to eat fries and it is adorable!

Mom Nicole Goode captured her son in a funny and totally unexpected moment.

She said her son is “obsessed” with Jurassic World and that “dinosaurs are my boy’s soul animals.”

And after she got her son a T. rex mask, he became inseparable from it — no matter what the task at hand demanded. Even eating fries…

At first her son struggled to eat the fries but then he outsmarted everything and figured out how to open the dinosaur mask to shove a fry inside. GENIUS!

Of course this adorable video went viral on TikTok and brands noticed. Even Walmart commented in on the fun saying:

Some things must be done in the name of science ?

I have to admit, this is a total vibe and if I have to wear a mask right now, I just want it to be something as cool as this dinosaur mask because, why not?

You can check out the full adorable video below.

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