I remember the  beginning sewing projects that I made  as a kid. My stitches were far apart and uneven, but I sewed pillowcase after pillowcase by hand and I LOVED it!  There was something extremely gratifying about sewing my own project.  As an adult, it’s taken me years to learn how to use a sewing machine, but each time I do,  I remember so many fond memories of my Grandmothers.  It’s a skill that I’m thrilled to pass down to my daughter.  That’s why I was so excited about this  simple (and cheap) beginning sewing project for my preschooler ~ it’s such a great way to practice the art of sewing by hand! easy beginning sewing project for kids I haven’t tried making any sewing cards for my daughter because they seemed expensive to make.  But, when I was at my local craft store, I saw small burlap bags for sale ($.79 each!) and I thought of a way to make some quick sewing cards that were economical, too!

Materials for Beginning Sewing Projects

  • Burplap (try to find small bags on sale that you can cut up to use!)
  • 2 Paper Plates
  • Darning needle  <–affiliate link ~ in case you aren’t sure what these are 🙂
  • Thread

How to Make Easy Sewing Cards

  1. Take two paper plates and cut out the center of the plates with any shape you’d like (we did a heart and a circle).  Be sure to leave enough space to staple the paper plates together.
  2. Cut your piece of burlap to fit in between the two paper plates.  If you have a bag, cut along the seams of the bags and then cut the piece of burlap that you need.
  3. Tape the burlap on the inside of one of the plates.  Make sure the burlap is tight so that it will be easier for kids to sew.
  4. Sandwich the burlap inside of the paper plates by stacking  the second paper plate underneath the first.
  5. Line up the shapes and then staple around the edge of the plates.  Be sure to staple where you will staple the  burlap, too!
  6. Add your thread with a  darning needle and you’re ready to sew!
Easy sewing project for preschoolers Kids will love getting the chance to practice sewing with these simple cards. Use these sewing cards as a busy bag during quiet time play or for long road trips!

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