Here’s a cute Christmas art project that will keep your little ones busy for hours.   Let them make a collage!   Kids Activities Blog loves to promote ideas like this for quiet creative play time.

Christmas activity

Christmas Art

My four year old loves making collages. He’s happiest when I set out some scraps of paper with some glue and he can just use his imagination to create a wonderful picture. This week we made a festive holiday themed collage with a twist. We used sticky backed paper so that my son could move and change his collage whenever he liked. He now has a new picture on his wall every day as he moves the pieces around. Here’s how we created our ever changing Christmas art.

make a collageMake A Collage

I cut out a large square of sticky backed paper and applied it to a window, sticky side out, using adhesive tape. I framed the sticky backed paper with tinsel and then set out various objects for my son to use for collage. I provided him with colored toothpicks, pom poms, pipe cleaners and beads. I also wrapped short lengths of pipe cleaners together to make snowflakes. He immediately set about creating his picture, using the toothpicks to make a Christmas tree and bending the pipe cleaners   into the shape of candy canes.

Christmas activity

Christmas Activity

I think one of my favorite parts of the collage is this Christmas bauble which my son made by bending a pipe cleaner into a round shape and then decorating it with sequins. We eventually moved the artwork off the window and stuck it to a door in our kitchen. The beauty of this activity is that the individual pieces can be moved around and stuck to another part of the picture.   My son now makes small changes to it each time he walks past it. The pictures and design are constantly evolving and I love to see what he has come up with each day.

christmas activity

More Kids Activities

This is a fun and simple Christmas art activity that can be adapted for the seasons. I think we might try to make a collage for New Year’s with lots of pipe cleaners twisted into star shapes, like the ones above, to represent New Year’s Eve fireworks.   For more great kids activities like this:

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