Today we are learning all about hurricane with our hurricane facts printable pages! Simply download and print the fun facts about hurricanes and have some fun learning about this fascinating weather phenomenon. Our printable fun facts pdf includes two pages filled with hurricane pictures and facts about hurricane that kids of all ages will enjoy at home or in the classroom.

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Print these fun facts about hurricanes.

Free printable hurricane facts For Kids

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love creating learning activities that keep kids engaged and having so much fun they don’t even know they are learning. Learning about natural phenomena can be boring, but this is why we made these hurricane facts coloring pages. Click the button to download and print our hurricane fun fact pages now:

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A hurricane also called a tropical cyclone, is a large, swirling storm, which produces torrential rains and heavy winds in coastal areas. The strong winds in a hurricane cause storm surge, which is water from the ocean that is pushed toward the shore. Now, let’s learn some more facts about hurricanes!

Fun Hurricane Facts To Share With Your Friends

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This is our first page in our hurricane facts printable set!
  1. A hurricane is a tropical storm that forms in the sea and produces very heavy rains and super strong winds. 
  2. Hurricanes form when warm moist air over water begins to rise, then the rising air is replaced by cooler air. This creates large clouds and thunderstorms, which turn into hurricanes.
  3. The word “Hurricane” comes from the Mayan word “Huracan” which was the God of wind, storm, and fires. 
  4. The eye of a hurricane is the centre, and it’s the safest part; everything around is considered the eye wall, where there are dark clouds, strong winds, and rain.
  5. Most hurricanes happen out at sea, however, when they get close to land they can be very dangerous and cause grave damage.

More Hurricane Fun Facts

Hurricane facts printed pdf file page two shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about hurricanes
This is the second printable page in our hurricane facts set!
  1. Hurricanes can reach speeds of up to 320kmph (almost 200mph!). 
  2. Hurricanes spin in different directions depending on where they are – this is due to the Coriolis Force, produced by the Earth’s rotation.
  3. Hurricanes are also called cyclones and typhoons depending on where they occur. 
  4. The largest hurricane recorded is Typhoon Tip, which occurred in 1979 in the northwest Pacific. It was nearly half the size of the U.S. with a diameter of 2,220km (1380 miles)
  5. All hurricanes are given names by the World Meteorological Organisation so they can be distinguished from each other.
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Did you know these facts about hurricanes?

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This fun facts page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

More Hurricane Facts

Looking for hurricane facts? You’ve come to the right place! We have hurricane facts coloring pages for kids of all ages, ideal for at-home learning or classroom environments.

Did you know that all hurricanes have names? Or do you know how hurricanes are formed? Today we are learning these and some other interesting facts about hurricanes!


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What was your favorite hurricane fact? Mine was number 6.

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