I love the Crazy Russian Hacker. Between his, “Remember, safety first” to his expressive “WHOA!” every time an experiment surprises him, he’s probably my favorite Youtuber. He’s also just an everyday guy, which I also love. Like, I’ve seen science videos on Youtube that were performed in a lab, with all the right equipment, and everything is safe and clean. But this guy? You just know one of these days he’s gonna end up chopping off a finger. Not that I want him to, but he’s basically me. I Love science. I love experiments. And watching him test things out is like what it would be watching me if someone had a camera in my backyard on certain days. It. Is. Awesome. And this experiment? So super awesome. He shows us how to make a fire tornado in a plastic bottle. Take a look! I love this because one little shift in the container changes everything. Plus, every time I watch his videos I find myself wanting to know WHY things happen the way they do. And so I go look them up. Which is what science is all about, right? Taking the time to explore those things we can’t quite understand? I love him for bringing out that curiosity in me.

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