First off, Oliver is probably my favorite science teacher on YouTube. I’m not sure how old he is exactly, but since he still says things like ‘cuv’ instead of ‘curve’, I’m guessing he’s six or under. Which makes him the perfect science teacher for you and your littles to watch together. Today, Oliver is sharing with us how to make a tornado in a jar, and he’s telling us some important facts about tornados! Take a look!

I actually had no idea how tornados formed at the beginning of this video, so I’m really glad I watched. My daughter is super glad…though, I think she has a little crush on Oliver (who wouldn’t!?). I’m sure all of your kids are going to love him as much as I did, and if you liked his video make sure to subscribe to his channel to see the others. It’s sometimes hard as parents to find kid-safe/family-friendly YouTube content, and Oliver is definitely all of the above. Thanks for the great video, Oliver, keep ’em coming!

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