People Are Making ‘Live Easter Grass Baskets’ and I Love Them

Live Easter Grass Baskets. Talk about a genius idea!

Live Grass Inside An Easter Basket Photo Credit: Blanca Verde

People everywhere are trying to find ways to reduce waste, recycle and reuse items they have lying around the house to better the environment and I am always on board.

Turns out, Easter is no exception. People are ditching the fake, plastic Easter grass and using real and alive grass inside Easter baskets instead! I love this idea!

Live Grass Easter Baskets Photo Credit: Blanca Verde

This idea was shared on Facebook from Blanca Verde who said:

I despise fake Easter grass. It’s bad for the environment and makes a mess and gets everywhere. Years ago, I discovered live Easter grass baskets and I’ve done them ever since and the children love it. The children help plant the seeds and basically take responsibility for them by assuring they are watered and have adequate sunlight.We planted six days ago and everyday, the children are so excited and surprised to see how much the grass has grown. I’ve had my first grader use this as a homeschool science observation and study and she’s worked on measurement and charting. It’s been a fun experience for everyone! I probably should invest in a wheat grass press so we can enjoy the health benefits but for now, this grass will get fed to the chickens and made into fresh eggs.

Grass Seeds for Easter Baskets Photo Credit: Blanca Verde

Genius, right?

While, you may not be able to do it this year, it is a great concept to keep in mind for next year. Or ya know, you can go get a piece of sod at Home Depot, cut it and stick it inside the Easter basket.

I find this a very genius and useful idea. I am totally doing this next year!


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