You Can Get 4 Dozen Roses at Costco For Just $40 To Give To That Special Someone On Valentine’s Day

Alright ladies, now is the time to start dropping those hints. Or men, listen up!!

Costco Is Selling 50 Red Roses For $40 Just In Time For Valentine’s Day and trust me, this is a killer deal!


Look, we all know that roses are gorgeous but we also know they are expensive and die within a few days. That is where Costco has us covered!!

Costco is known for their gorgeous 2-dozen roses you can go pick up at any time but for Valentine’s Day they are upping their game.

For just $40, you can get 50 roses or a little over 4 dozen roses for Valentine’s Day!

The romantic stemmed flowers come in two boxes with 25 roses in each.

So you can either surprise two people like your valentine and your mother with a bouquet, or combine them all in a vase for that one special someone.

The best part is, you can order these directly on the Costco website. Plus, if red isn’t your color of choice, they have several different color options to choose from!

You can order your sweetheart 50 Roses from Costco Here. But hurry because they are already selling out!

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