For the last few years we have loved recommending this educational toy and it is still hot and ever expanding in its library making the LeapFrog LeapStart 3D a great educational toy! Every year, when buying Christmas gifts, we are faced with a problem! Educational toys, or fun toys? Useful, or exciting? This year, get your little one the LeapFrog LeapStart 3D! It delivers on all fronts!

a little boy is excited to see the 3d paw patrol characters on his leapfrog leapstart. It features books with animated characters to make learning fun!
This LeapFrog LeapStart is a perfect gift for Christmas!

LeapFrog LeapStart

The trusted LeapFrog learning system has moved into the modern age! The new 3D LeapStart includes exciting animations to keep learning fun! I think this even still counts as a screen-free learning activity!

Kids of all ages will love this interactive learning system. These replayable activities will help develop problem-solving skills, present creative challenges, and really is the perfect toddler toy and preschooler toy.

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Leapfrog Toys

When Christmas Morning rolls around, my kids are excited to make Christmas Waffles while we open stockings.

I think I found the perfect stocking stuffers for kids, this year! Gifts for my preschoolers is almost sorted, I just wanna get something that isn’t just buttons and noises, but education, too!

Whether most of your presents are homemade, and wonderful. Or you didn’t have time to make any gifts this year. The Leap Frog LeapStart 3D is a great addition to underneath the Christmas tree!

What is the LeapStart 3D?

The Leap Frog Leap Start 3D is a new educational system that engages young learners! Don’t worry it is not a video game, but rather electronic toys for young children.

The fun experience and audio reinforces learning to help kids better understand the concepts.

This is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Essentially kids ages 2-6 year old.

a little girl learns to read using a book about race cars and her leapfrog leapstart 3d!
Kids of ages can enjoy this awesome LeapStart toy!

Combining fun play with educational lessons, the LeapStart 3D is a great way to get kids into reading!

It makes reading and other early skills more easily accessible.

Working through the stories and activities leaves your child even smarter than before! These electronic learning devices are one of the more fun ways to learn.

Video: Play Lab | LeapStart 3D from LeapFrog

Kids can interact with on-screen animations! They simply tap on pictures with their easy-to-hold stylus to explore!

They may not be as exciting as a ride-on car toy, but the benefits of easy early learning are out of this world!

The library on these LeapFrog products includes over 700 activities, across the 25 books. That is endless hours of entertainment and learning!

leap frog leap start model with stylus use depicted on a book
There are different level activities for toddlers, preschoolers, even elementary aged kids.

While she is also getting the latest and greatest from LOL Surprise Dolls, my daughter is definitely going to be excited by all of the princess books available for the LeapStart 3D!


Your children can have fun with dynamic reading, counting, problem solving, and more!

Most of the easy to replay activities have two levels! Learn 50 key skills per grade level! Books are made covering a variety of preschool through first grade subjects.

the leapfrog leapstart is shown open with activities on the inside for education. books can be added and children can grow through the three levels of learning.
Learn reading, words, numbers, and more!

The grow-with-me stylus is super easy to hold and comfortable for all ages! Along with teaching reading skills, this teaches proper writing grip.

Book levels cover preschool through first grade. So one system can last your child for years of learning! I love that it has different levels for older kids too, which helps supplement your child’s learning.

How cool is this 3D feature?

To get a LeapStart 3D in time for Christmas, I have found a few in stock! Click here to see it, on Amazon!

I’m sure the LeapFrog Leapstart 3D will make them smarter than me in only a few days. Which books would your child most love, to go with their new Leapstart 3D?


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What are you getting your gifts for Christmas? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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