Normally, I at least have a clue what my kids want for Christmas. This year, my daughter said she wants “LOL Surprise!”. It turns out, she does not literally want me to surprise her. Another mom clued me in.

Image shows Madame Queen Fashion Doll and Lil standing in front of a box and two LOL Surpise capsules.
It’s so fun to see what your child will unbox!

It was much easier to find them than I expected, once I knew what to look for! Turns out, I had even seen some, already, on the Amazon Holiday Toy List!

What Are LOL Surprise Dolls?

The popularity of surprise toys have risen and I was still clueless about L.O.L. Surprise. Almost as clueless as I was about the adorable squishmallows. And we have seen how those are flying off of shelves, this year.

L.O.L. Surprise dolls have risen to fame in the era of unboxing videos. Unwrapping the small packages and their crinkly wrapping gives way to stickers and messages and tiny accessories. Once you get to the middle, you get to unwrap the doll that goes with them.

These collection of dolls have a unique look and are basically a mini fashion doll. These new dolls, or l.o.l dolls are such a cute surprise! Each with different color hair and clothes.

l.o.l Dolls Are The Perfect Gift For This Holiday Season

These little dolls are a truly perfect Christmas gift. They are the Bratz Dolls of the modern generation! Already, they are selling out online and in person! Their other acronym is O.M.G. with stands for Outrageous Millennial Girls!

Your kids get to unwrap the toy, and its accessories. But, you don’t have to do any extra wrapping! Half of the fun of Christmas is seeing our little one’s faces light up as they unwrap each new surprise. These toys do the hard work for us!

Video: MGA Entertainment lol Dolls – The Hottest Toys and Best Dolls

Apparently they even have a whole line of catchy little remixes, too!

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Where to Buy LOL Surprise Dolls and Accessories?

I have found so many L.O.L. Surprise Dolls on Amazon! It’s really the best way to make sure you don’t accidentally get a duplicate! This way, you can search for the exact dolls your kids have asked for!

1. 2021 Special Edition Doll

The most necessary doll to get for Christmas this year is the  2021 Collector NYE Queen Fashion Doll with Gold Fashions! She is a limited run character and her token activated lightup jukebox is sure to delight!

2. LOL Surprise Starter Kit

Watch your child delight as they open 70+ surprises! This set includes two full size fashion dolls, 3 surprise dolls, 4 pets, 3 boy dolls, and 2 lils! The best part of this one, aside from helping to start a collection is the unboxing! The unboxing experience is a curated maze that is sure to delight. And, when your child is done, the boxes can be used as a storage system! The Amazing Surprise Playset is a must!

3. LOL Surprise Winter Chill OMG

This series features three dolls with some amazing style! Their accessories are so cute! And each package becomes the doll’s dressing room, for storage! Along with the fashion doll, each comes with a mini surprise doll! Click to see Missy Meow and Baby Cat, Madame Queen, Brrr B.B on Amazon!

4. Remix O.M.G. LOL Surprise Fashion Dolls

The absolute hardest doll to find in this set is Remix’s Kitty K fashion doll. I only found it in a few places, still available. Lonestar the country music fashion doll comes with two outfits, a record, and 25 surprises! Pop B.B. has fierce fashions and music to match! Honeylicious is the newest LOL Surprise Remix member!

5. L.O.L. O.M.G. Fashion Dolls

In this series, the roller girl is easily the most popular! As much as we all love the sweets fashion doll, rollerskates are just so much fun!

6. O.M.G. Lights Dolls

These two could not be more unique or fun! Both dolls have blacklight surprises. Package becomes a reusable play space. Slide open for a surprise reveal! Both Groovy Babe and Angles‘ picture turns from black and white into color under blacklight! Beatnik Babe and Shapes are incredibly hard to find!

LOL Surprise Houses and Playsets

7. O.M.G Surprise Real Wood Doll House

O.M.G. Surprise Real Wood Doll House with 85+ surprises and elevator is a dream come true for any collector! These lol surprise house of surprises are so great.

8. L.O.L Clubhouse Playset

If posh and glamorous isn’t the aesthetic of your child’s LOL Crew, this is perfect for you! The Clubhouse Playset has 40+ surprises, 2 exclusive dolls, and 4 ways to play! You can move the modules to customize your dollhouse experience!

9. L.O.L Surprise Camper

For the Glamper on the go, there is the furnished Surprise Camper! I don’t know what I love more: the BBQ grill or the DJ booth! It even comes with working lights and sounds!

10. L.O.L Hair Salon

A personal favorite, because it reminds me of my toys growing up, is the Hair Salon! Both the playset and the 50 surprises are perfect for LOL Surprise size dolls. It even comes with an exclusive JK Mini doll!

L.O.L. Surprise Re-Releases

If you missed a specific doll in a series, you can hope to get lucky with these re-releases! Click on any to find out more!

For the best luck at finding an elusive doll, you can even buy a 12-pack of Surprise Re-Releases!

LOL Surprise Doll Storage

At the end of the day, all of these dolls and their accessories need somewhere to go. If they don’t have somewhere to go, they usually end up under my feet! I’ve tried storage cubes, bins, the whole nine yards.

The best solution I have found for these – and for legos, and anything else that has a million little pieces – is simple. I use Organizer Storage Cases that can be hung up in the closet! There is even one made specifically to fit LOL Surprise Figures, available on Amazon for less than $20!

You can get the Purple one here or the Pink one here!

Which one would your kid be most excited to see under the Christmas tree, this year?

I know my daughter is extra excited, seeing a couple little round packages sitting under the tree, already. Watching her light up with joy over and over again as she unboxes will be the best!

Which LOL Surprise Doll are you looking for? Having trouble finding one in particular? Let’s band together in the comments and find the dolls needed to complete everyone’s collections, this Christmas.

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Which L.O.L Surprise! Doll will you be getting this year? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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