Who doesn’t love a cuddly, squishable friend? Plush toys are a favorite in our house, every Christmas. As I was doing my own shopping for Squishmallows, I decided to save my favorites to share!

We have a Christmas Eve tradition, in my house. All of the kids get a new set of PJs or a new stuffed toy to cuddle with, on Christmas Eve. My sons are both at the age where they are opting for PJs – Booooo!

Many popular squishmallows sit above the text "The Most Popular Squishmallows of 2020". They include the skeleton squad, star wars such as baby yoda, and christmas
These are the best and most popular Squishmallows of 2020! That makes them perfect gifts, for the holidays.

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Both of my daughters have a substantial Squishmallow collection. I’m surprised there is even room on their bed, for them! I wasn’t super sure which ones they already had, so I made this list of the perfect Squishmallows for Christmas Gifts! I’m going to check their rooms and compare, so I can order tonight!

Where to Buy Squishmallows?

Squishmallows can be bought at a handful of retailers. This is mostly limited to independent stores. However! National chains Costco and Walgreens carry squishmallows.

I’ve found the best luck with these to come with online buying, though. Stores never seem to have the one plush I’m in search of to complete a squad – whatever that means.

Browsing Squishmallows available on Amazon is much easier! I can select by size, type, and even find the uncommon ones that are sold out, locally!

Star Wars Squishmallow Squad

With the completion of the newest trilogy, and the Mandalorian season 2 releasing, these are sure to be popular. My kids have been so excited for the new season to come out!

Many of my friends have been lucky enough to find the Baby Yoda Squishmallow at Costco. I have not been as lucky, but have been able to find a fair few online!

Have you seen our Baby Yoda Coloring Pages? They are out of this world!

This wookie is my favorite! His face is so cute, and he looks so ready to cuddle!

The reliable side-kick, exactly what my kids need!

The newest droid in our hearts is BB-8! He really made my kids laugh, in The Last Jedi.

Christmas Squishmallow Collectibles 2020

This year’s special Dawn the Fawn comes with a super cute scarf! She is just too adorable. My daughter loves Dawn the Fawn and has all of her versions, except this one!

She doesn’t shed needles, and is sure to light up your child’s face!

You’re also able to buy the whole Christmas Squad as a group! Each plush is adorable and snuggly, and make your collection more complete!

All Time Favorite Squishmallows

For these, I went by both Amazon’s top ratings and the ones that I’ve never been able to find in stores! If it’s always sold out, it must be popular. This is why I’m so glad I can use Amazon to find exactly the ones my kids are missing!

He’s the good fat, the snuggly phat!

The Bumble that you want to Bee cuddling, every night!

This dinosaur squishmallow is a favorite, year after year! It’s adorable horns are fun to play with!

This 2020 edition Squishmallow has an adorable bandana! It’s texture is different from that of the rest of the squishmallow, which is amazing!

The most popular of all of the dragon squishmallows! Dominic has wonderfully fancy colors and a scale texture!

Spooky Squishmallows

This adorable little vampire bat sold out everywhere I went within days! My daughter was really sad to have missed it. I’m excited to be able to surprise her with it, for Christmas!

I’m already picturing a much too cute photoshoot with my newest niece in her baby bat swaddle blanket, and this plush!

The Skeleton squad is so cute! I couldn’t find ANY of them, anywhere, this year. But, I found the complete collectible squad online!

These are even cuter than the Oogie Boogie Build a Bear!

Disney Squishmallows

Our favorite wacky little monster is available as a Squishmallow!

Oh, honey! Snuggly buggly huggly Winnie the Pooh is perfect for cuddles!

Just when I thought these couldn’t get any cuter, they hit me with the huge ears! Aren’t those just precious!?

What is your child’s favorite squishmallow?

Let us know in the comments! I would love to add it to this list of Squishmallows so that others can get it in time for Christmas, too!

Don’t let the squishmallow fun end! Check out these squishmallow coloring pages!

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