Halloween is such a fun time to make arts and crafts galore, from carving pumpkins to decorating haunted houses. But a packing tape ghost? It takes Halloween crafting to a whole new spooktacular level!

DIY Ghost- plastic and tape ghost with lights behind it Halloween decoration on stairs
Source: Facebook/Stacy Ball Mecham

Make a Packing Tape Ghost for Halloween

This creepy, but fun, idea for Halloween decorations was shared by a mom, Stacy Ball Mecham, on Facebook.

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The process is actually pretty simple, but the result is downright fantastical.

DIY Ghost-little girl next to a plastic and tape ghost with lights behind it Halloween decoration on stairs
Via Stacy Ball Mecham FB

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Supplies Needed To Make A DIY Ghost

DIY Ghost- front door and plastic and tape ghost on a tiled floor
Via Stacy Ball Mecham FB

How TO Make A DIY Ghost: Making Your Ghost Look Life Like

Step 1

As for the process, simply wrap saran wrap around your model. Then tape it up.


Also helpful: a model to act like a mannequin. In the case of Stacy Ball Mecham, her daughter volunteered to help. I can totally see my kids loving this too — especially if they knew what I was turning them into!

Step 2

Mecham then shared, of her process: “After it was firm enough, I carefully cut a seam. Wiggled the ghost piece off and taped the seam shut. Pieced it all together with tape and added more tape where it needed more strength.”

Once it’s all taped together, voila, you’ll have a spooky packing tape ghost. And it seriously spooky. I would totally flip if I walked around a corner and found a “ghost” like this!

Mecham isn’t the only one who has made this fantastical Halloween decoration, and all the versions I have seen online have looked super cool — but also super spooky.

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How To Make A DIY Ghost

Ghost made of packing tape craft

Make this simple DIY ghost using nothing but saran wrap and packing tape! Optionally you can use a mannequin's head to give your ghost a head because we don't want saran wrap on anyone's head.


  • saran wrap
  • packing tape
  • Optional: mannequin head


  1. Wrap your model in saran wrap.
  2. Then tape up the saran wrapped model.
  3. Once it is all taped up carefully cut the seam.
  4. Wriggle the ghost piece off.
  5. Tape the Seam shut.
  6. Piece it together using tape.


Add additional tape to weak parts of the DIY ghost.

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What do you think: too creepy or totally fun for Halloween? Are you making a packing tape ghost for Halloween?

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