You Can Get Over 3,000 Printable STEM Activity Pages For Your Kids. Here’s How

Our friends at The Brilliant Bungalow have really outdone themselves with this STEM + Art Bundle! This is the latest of their amazing open-ended curriculum bundles for kids!

My kids are always looking for new and fun STEM activities. We recently learned how to build a straw tower – it was so cool!

This image displays the words "S.T.E.M. + Art" written on chalkboards. They are surrounded by different printed activities for science, technology, math, and art.
3300 unique pages might just be enough to keep my kids busy!

This all-ages bundle is packed with content that can take your child from beginning to end with concepts that encourage growth. No matter their level of skill or learning, they will find lessons and practice pages that ignite their curiosity, and their excitement.

What is in this STEM + Art Bundle?

With more than a little hard work, she was able to bring together 40 different creative minds! From them, over 3000 pages of beautiful content was created.

Each author included in this bundle has poured their heart and soul into their work and is absolutely thrilled to share it with you in this collaboration!

The topics covered include Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art! From Outer Space to Geology, Painting to Music, Cooking to Coding, Fractions and Multiplication Tables to Life Cycles, Geometry to Weather, Bridges to Robots and everywhere in between, this bundle is absolutely packed with stunning content to cover a mind-blowing range of subjects and interests. These are some really fun challenges for kids of all ages!

The word "SCIENCE" is written on wooden rounds. It is surrounded by pictures of flowers, birds, butterflies, and plants.
Sciences, fostering a love of studying the earth.

This amazing STEM bundle for kids includes:

  • unit studies
  • posters
  • flash cards
  • activities
  • guides
  • supplemental material
  • experiments
  • recipes
  • art projects
  • coloring pages
  • SO much more

The Ultimate STEM + Art Bundle is here to spark curiosity, wonder, and imagination in all young minds. If that sounds great to you, check out our legos science fair projects! Or, even better, learn how to make a paper airplane and then really test your skills with some fun games.

The word "TECH" is written on wooden rounds. There are various printed exercises surrounding the image.
Technology helps children interact with the growing world around them.

Who is the Ultimate STEM + Art Bundle for?

This awesome S.T.E.M. bundle is great for kids young and old. The Ultimate STEM + ART Bundle is intended for single family or classroom use. Each resource inside can be saved and printed for personal use for a lifetime of learning.

You can really print as many copies as you want to use! So, no matter how big your family gets, this resource will remain yours to use.

Engineering is so important! A love of it early on can open life to limitless possibilities!

How Do I Use This Awesome STEM Learning Resource?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive secure-download access to all of the digital files included in this bundle. That’s 3,300 pages!

Make sure to check out all of the resources available, as some will offer massive discounts to their shops! This means that you have the opportunity to try products from a wide variety of shops and then purchase more from the ones you like! This keeps education fun and changing with your child!

You will be able to click through the contents in the drop down menus on this page and preview each included resource and contributing shop.

The word "MATH" is written on wooden rounds. Printed exercises surround this, showing various math concepts and practice problems for a variety of grade levels.
I hate math, but these fun printable activities almost have me excited to teach it to my kids.

When + Where to Buy the Ultimate STEM + Art Bundle

This Ultimate STEM + Art Bundle will be available for a limited time, only! You can purchase it on the Brilliant Bungalow’s website from October 15th, to 10 am on October 27th!

"Art" is written on a chalkboard, and different drawing concepts and lessons surround it.
Art makes the world a more beautiful place.

We’d love to see what you’re up to! This Ultimate STEM + Art bundle is too cool to keep a secret! Post to social media using the hashtag #StemPlusArtBundle to show your friends all of the fun! Every time you tell post or a friend about this bundle, you’re supporting over 40 small businesses!

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