Grab some blocks and paint and let’s have fun with block printing! Blocks aren’t just for building. We use them with paint for block printing with toddlers and preschoolers. This block printing idea works great for home or in the classroom.

art made with blocks and paint - brightly colored finished block prints made with paint on a white background with paint
Block printing for kids with foam blocks and paint.

Block Painting Activity for Kids

What can you paint with blocks? Paper and more! What we love about this block printing activity idea is that it works well for kids of all ages, even the younger kids like toddlers and preschoolers.

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Kids innately want to explore the world around them. They are figuring out cause and effect relationships. When doing arts and craft with them, focus on providing as many different materials and processes as possible.

How to do block printing with kids

Place a variety of small dishes with different coloured paints and blocks on the table. Vary the paints each day and let them experiment:

  • Put out different colours.
  • Use paints with or without glitter.  
  • Offer thick or thin paint.
  • Try different shapes.

Use different kinds of paper. You can use plain, coloured, or textured paper. You can even use cardboard and boxes for a more interesting experience.

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Supplies needed for block printing

blocks, paint, and paper for block printing with kids
Gather blocks, paint, and paper for block printing.

Instructions for block printing

Step 1

Blocks being dipped in paint and used for painting a face.
Dip your blocks in the paint and make fun art.

Put a different color paint in a small paper plate or other small container. Gather your blocks and have them ready. I like to use one block per color at first just to keep the colors separate for the early part of the art project.

Step 2

shapes being painted using blocks dipped in paint
Try rolling blocks, stamping them, and sliding them across the paper.

Experiment with different ways to dip the blocks into the paint. Stand the blocks on their end, on their side, and even dip the corners. For blocks that roll, try rolling them (don’t be afraid to get a little messy), or even sweep them across the paper.

What about block printing for older children?

For older children, you can explore the patterns and algebra with block printing. Try a variation of this math art project inspired by Klee with block printing.

Another idea is to have older kids make paint with these homemade paint recipes. Or try this historical egg paint recipe.

Our finished art using block printing for kids

block printing for kids using blocks dipped in paint to make fun artwork
Make fun art like this using block printing for kids.
Yield: 1

Block Printing for Kids

art made with blocks and paint

Try block printing with the kids using blocks, paint, and paper.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Assorted blocks
  • Paper
  • Paint in various colors


  1. Dip the blocks into the paint and stamp, roll, or sweep it onto the paper.

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Have you tried block printing with the kids? How did it go?

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