Have you ever seen window art for kids? It’s so cool. So today, let’s make homemade window paint for the kids that is easier to clean and use than traditional paint. Window painting for kids is so much fun with our homemade window paint recipe. You can make it in as many colors of window paint as you want and create your own not-so stained glass creations.

Window painting with kids using picture frames and homemade paint.
Window painting on a large picture frame with homemade paint.

Homemade Washable Window Paint

This homemade window paint is so much fun for kids of all ages. Let them paint on your patio glass doors, a window, or give them an old mirror frame as we did. This is an inexpensive craft too especially if you already have clear school glue, clear dishwashing liquid, and food color at home.

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We are going to use three basic ingredients to make homemade window paint. Plus, we have a really cool idea if you don’t like the idea of your house windows being painted.

How to make window paint for kids

Supplies Needed for making DIY washable window paint for kids using clear school glue, clear dish soap, and food color.
You will need clear school glue, clear dish soap, and food color to make window paint.

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Supplies needed to make homemade window paint

You will also need containers, craft sticks for mixing the colors, paintbrushes, and a window for painting.

Instructions for making homemade Washable window paint

Step 1

Step 1 to make window paint for kids is to mix glue, dish soap, and food coloring in a bowl.
Combine glue, dish soap, and food coloring in a bowl to make window paint.

Homemade window paint is so easy to make, you simply need to combine the glue, dish soap, and a couple of drops of food coloring in individual bowls.

Use craft sticks to mix your ingredients together. You can make as many colors as you like, and even mix colors together to make even more fun colors.

What the paint looks like in individual cups after being stirred - brightly colored paint containers from above - Kids Activities Blog
Bowls of bright homemade window painting colors for kids.

Window paint craft tip: You can use either liquid or gel food coloring, however liquid will be slightly easier to control the amount added. Don’t worry if the color in the bowl looks really bright, or too dark. Once the kids start painting with it, it will actually be much lighter.

Step 2

Step 2 set up a space with paper and a window or photo frame for the kids to use their homemade window paint.
Flowers and butterflies painted on windows using homemade window paint.

Set up a space for the kids to do their window painting. Don’t forget to put paper on the ground, and have them wear old clothes or art smocks.

Window Art For Kids Alternatives

We have a historic house and didn’t like the idea of the windows in our house being painted in case some paint ran. Instead, we put out large picture frames with the backs removed. We have so many unused picture frames stashed in the attic so it was great seeing them put to use.

How do you get kids paint off windows?

What I love about this paint is that it peels off once dry. If you can’t get some of it up, simply run a razor underneath an edge of it. You can then clean the window with window cleaner and it’s ready for new art to be made another day.

If you don’t have a razor or paint scraper available you can also use hot water on a clean cloth to get rid of it. If it is particularly stubborn (we didn’t have any that was, but just in case) you can try using dish detergent with your hot water.

Yield: 10

Homemade Window Paint

window painting for kids on an old picture frame

Homemade paint for window painting with the kids.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 2 tbsp clear school glue
  • 1 tsp clear dish soap
  • Food coloring in assorted colors


  • Containers
  • Stirrers
  • Paintbrushes or foam brushes
  • Window


  1. Combine the glue, dish soap, and a couple of drops of food coloring into a bowl.
  2. Mix together to combine, and then repeat to make even more fun colors.

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Have you done window painting with your kids? How did it turn out?

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