Grab your colored pencils because you are going to love our zentangle atoms coloring page. Zentangles are a great way to relax and create art. Zen + tangle = deep breathing while engrossed in a doodle pattern!

Science Zentangle Atoms design - coloring page with intricate pattern drawing with colored pencils
Coloring intricate zentangle patterns is relaxing and enjoyable.

Download, Print & Color this Free Zentangle Atoms Art Design

When I think of atoms, my mind wanders back to chemistry class and the hours upon hours spent studying. That is definitely not a relaxing thought, so we wanted to create a science coloring page that could bring some relaxation to the subject. It is why our atoms zentangle pattern connects intricate designs to build the basic building blocks of matter.

The zentangle pdf can be printed on a 8 ½ x 11 inch standard piece of paper from your home or classroom printer. It was intentionally designed in black and white to save printer ink.

Download here:

zentangle art design of chemistry atoms colored with markers and pencils
You can use markers, colored pencils, brush pens, gel pens, and other art supplies to color zentangle patterns.

How to Color Zentangles

Coloring zentangles is easy, relaxing and fun. Making beautiful art through colorful doodle designs can be extended by using those finished patterns for cards, wall art, photo backgrounds or part of your daily journal.

While some people may choose to color zentangles in black and white, we here at Kids Activities Blog are all about color!


Put together your favorite color scheme and sigh the cares of the world away while coloring.

intricate zentangle pattern art ready to be colored with mixed art supplies and bright colors
Zentangle coloring pages are a great way to create your own art by coloring unique doodle patterns.

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