Dinosaur activities  help teach your little ones about an incredible creature that once roamed the earth.  The best way to learn is through play.  Pair these ideas up with dinosaur movies and books for a whole dino theme week!  You’re kids will thank you. Plus, Dinosaur activities are also a great way to help your little one who may be learning the letter d as well by helping them associate a new word with the letter. It’s educational in multiple ways and a ton of fun, sounds like a win-win! Today we’re handing you some really fun dinosaur activities we found in the  It’s Playtime  link-up.  Any of these will be a definite hit.

Dinosaur Activities

8 Playful Dinosaur Activities

1.  Dinosaur Ice Break Out – Use tools like a paleontologist to break through the ice barrier and unearth dinosaurs. So fun! 2.  Dinosaur Expedition – Pretend you’re a paleontologist and go exploring for dino bones.  Dig for rocks and piece them together to form the shape of a dinosaur. 3.  Dinosaur Foot Prints – Create some pretend dinosaur foot prints around the house with masking tape and let your kids investigate and guess which dino they belong to. 4.  Dinosaurs and Tea Parties – This fun dinosaur activity matches the children’s book Tea Rex.  Create some dinosaur themed plates for a tea party. 5.  Fizzing Dinosaur Eggs – Make an egg shell for your miniature dino figurines then let them hatch!  This is easy and yes, just a bit messy. 6.  DIY Dinosaur Fossils – How to make your very own dinosaur fossils with this clay recipe and a few Google images.  After they’re finished, you can even bury them in the sandbox for them to dig out! 7.  Dinosaur World – Turn your outdoor water table into a dinosaur habitat with these ideas.  Your child will love playing like a dinosaur. 8.  Best Dinosaur Books – Here’s a great list of books for your little dino-lover.  It features my most favorite dinosaur series, How Do Dinosaurs…?  by Jane Yolen.   Some of these cute books include How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?, How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?, and  How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room? Affiliate links used in this post support Kids Activities Blog.

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