These mailman games are a great to teach kids about the mail, pretend play, and more! There is one thing young children have in common: a love for mail trucks, letter carriers, and everything related to postal services! That’s why today we have 15 mailman activities for preschoolers that are so much fun. These mailman games are great for kids of all ages. And you can even use these mailman games at home or in the classroom.

mailman games- Image shows different mailman activities for preschoolers from different sources.
Let’s learn about fun community helpers!

Best Activities With Post Office Theme For Preschoolers

Children are fascinated with public service workers: from the popular police officer to postal workers, garbage collectors, and construction workers. And it’s a great way to help children appreciate the hard work different community helpers do for us in real life.

Today’s lesson plans and community helper activities are all about mailmen, with a preschool theme. It is a great opportunity to practice several skills, such as fine motor skills, literacy skills, math skills, social skills, and language skills. These activities can be part of your community helpers unit with younger students or for personal use at home.

Let’s get started!

1. Post Office Dramatic Play

mailman games- Image shows a post office dramatic play activity. From PreKinders
Pretend play is always a fun way to learn about the local community helpers.

Children will love role playing and pretend to work in the post office. Here are so many ideas to make your own post office dramatic play center with things you probably already have in your classroom. Via PreKinders.

2. Post Office Mailing Activity For Preschoolers

mailman games- Image shows a mailing activity for preschoolers, with names on a wall and a post box. From Pre-k pages
Writing letters is a perfect activity for this unit.

This post office activity is a great way to practice reading aloud and writing the child’s name while they enjoy delivering mail to their classmates. From Pre-K Pages.

3. Preschoolers love hearing “You’ve Got Mail!”

mailman games- Image shows a DIY mail box with a letter on it and the name Sam written on it. Idea from Teach Preschool.
Let’s send some post cards.

This activity is a wonderful way to practice several skills, like name recognition, name writing, motor skills, and social abilities. Perfect for Valentine’s day theme. From Teach Preschool.

4. Mailbox Math

mailman games- Image shows DIY shape cards for preschoolers with DIY mailboxes. From Prekinders
Fun but simple activity.

Make some printable numbers and shape envelopes to use with your mailbox math. It is a fun way to practice counting, pattern recognition, and more. From PreKinders.

5. Post Office play For Preschoolers: Making and Delivering the Mail

mailman games- Image shows a preschooler pretending to be a mailman. Idea from Growing book by book
Kids will have fun for a long time!

Let’s do some post office play to work on writing skills! It’s also a fun way to make community helper crafts with household supplies, like a paper grocery bag and paper sheets. From Growing Book by Book.

6. Beginning Sounds Mail Sort and Song

mailman games- Image shows flash cards with images on them, like a pie, a bat, banana, and more. Idea from Growing book by book
Kids won’t even know they are learning.

This fun beginning sounds mail sort activity and song is a great way to build phonological awareness at the beginning of words. From Growing Book by Book.

7. Printable Kids Letter Writing Set

mailman games- Image shows a handwritten letter with an envelope, glue, scissors, and a pen. Idea from Picklebums
Let’s write our own letters.

Here’s a printable letter-writing set for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and older kids. It’s the perfect set for beginning writers that want to write and send an actual letter. From Picklebums.

8. Mailing Letters Alphabet Activity

mailman games- Image shows the hand of a preschooler puting a letter in an envelope. Idea from Fun learning for kids
Let’s learn the alphabet in a fun way.

This mailing letters alphabet activity is a fun pretend play activity that helps kids practice letter identification, letter matching and letter sounds! From Fun Learning For Kids.

9. Wrong Mail: A Mail CVC Word Worksheets Activity

mailman games- Image shows a picture of a rag with the word rag under it. Idea from No stress homeschooling
A great learning alphabet activity.

This mail activity doubles as CVC word worksheets. Kids will be able to recognize CVC words easily with a fun printable. From No Stress Homeschooling.

10. Make a Letter Opener-a Fine Motor Craft for Pretend Play

mailman games- Image shows a DIY card opener for preschoolers. idea from Capriplus3
Make this super fun craft today!

Grab some simple craft supplies to make latter openers for pretend play with no sharp edge. They also work as great magic wands! From Capri + 3.

11. Teaching Kids About Envelope Format

mailman games- Image shows an envelope with handwritten information. Idea from The educators spin on it
Learning how to write a letter is an important skill.

Let’s learn how to format an envelope – a lifelong skill! This activity is great for parents to do with their kids or teachers to set up as a literacy station. From The Educator’s Spin On It.

12. Post Office Letter Sorting

mailman games- Image shows a preschooler sorting letters in a dIY post office mailbox craft. Idea from No time for flashcards
Great early literacy pretend play.

Let’s make a sorting activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and have your kid sort the letters by name, color, numbers, or zip codes. From No Time For Flashcards.

13. Mail Time! Setting Up Your Own Post Office

mailman games- Image shows a preschooler playing with DIY letters on a wall, pretending to be a mailman. Idea from How we learn
Isn’t this so much fun?

This preschool post office idea is so full of learning. It includes different ways to practice letters, sounds and recognize familiar words. Creating a Post Office is a wonderful way to bring reading and writing to life! From How Wee Learn.

14. Shape Surprise And Sort Mailbox Activity For Kids

mailman games- Image shows a shape sort mailbox craft from A little pinch of perfect
This activity is great for the youngest kids.

This activity will make kids excited to learn about letters, numbers, shapes, or colors. It can be done with one kid or multiple kids, and it will feel like a game! From A Little Pinch of Perfect.

15. DIY Cereal Box Mail Carrier Bag For Kids

mailman games- Image shows a DIY mail carrier for preschoolers. From Handmade Charlotte
Make your own mail carrier bag!

Kids will be able to use their own mail carrier bag and write letters, lick envelopes, stick on stamps, and deliver goodies to all their plushies. From Handmade Charlotte.

Want more mailman activities for kids? Try these from Kids Activities Blog:

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