Baby Shark Summer Coloring Pages To Print At Home!

We have the cutest printable Baby Shark summer coloring book for you to download & print right now.

Doooo doooo dooo doooo you love Baby Shark?

If your little one is as obsessed with Baby Shark as we are, then you definitely need these free Baby Shark printable coloring pages for a fun afternoon filled with music, colors and… sharks!

Baby Shark Summer 2020 Printables
Download and print our free Baby Shark Coloring Pages to enjoy a family afternoon with your little ones!

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Baby Shark Summer Coloring Sheets

We have a lot of fun printable ideas for everyone! The Baby Shark summer coloring page set has six pages of Baby Shark coloring fun:

  1. The first coloring page has “Baby Shark Summer” and makes a good cover to the little Baby Shark Coloring Book. It features Baby Shark with a camera taking a picture of you at the beach.
  2. The next Baby Shark coloring pages features momma shark, daddy shark and baby shark swimming in the sea with bubbles.
  3. The next Baby Shark coloring page has ChiChi and Baby Shark playing ball underwater.
  4. I love the next Baby Shark coloring page because William and Ellie are eating ice cream in the sea.
  5. On the next Baby Shark coloring page Alec is sitting in the sand building a sand castle. Is it Alec? Or will you color it differently?
  6. On the last Baby Shark coloring page in the set, Bella is snorkeling with William and eating popsicles while floating in intertubes.

What summer fun!

Whatever you prefer, you definitely need our new Baby Shark Summer set. Seeing the Baby Shark family enjoying beach activities is just the cutest.

Baby Shark Summer Holidays Printables
Kids won’t be able to get enough of officially the MOST adorable shark family.

Let your kids use their imagination! They can use colored pencils, crayons, markers or just anything they can think of! All you have to do is print the Baby Shark drawings on regular sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch paper and watch them discover their inner artist!

These Baby Shark Coloring sheets include Baby Shark’s family with all sorts of funny and cute items: sandcastles, goggles, beach hats, ice cream, and the lovely seawater.

Download & Print Baby Shark Summer Coloring Pages PDF File Here

Download here

Baby Shark Summer
Who would’ve thought sharks love summer as much as we do?!


This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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What was your child’s favorite coloring page in the Baby Shark coloring book?


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