With Fathers Day just around the corner we knew we had to make some crafts for our wonderful Daddy!   Rory’s dad, Jon, is wonderful and I hope he knows how much he means to us.   Today we made a special card for our daddy, using (of course) Rory’s beautiful hands!

Fathers Day Accordion Card

For this project all you need is paper, crayons and glue- It is SO easy! We first colored all over, on a large piece of paper.   We cut the paper a few inches tall, around 3 inches to be exact, and as long as Rory’s arm length.   We wrote on it I love you this much, but you can write anything you want on it! i love you this much Next, on a new piece of paper, we traced over Rory’s hands and cut them out.   We then colored Rory’s fingernails, discussing colors (currently Rory just likes red and blue, but with continued positive reinforcement, I know she will get it!).   I had to cut out extra hands because Rory liked to give them high-fives. hand cut outs We then glued the right end of the arm length paper to her cut out right hand.   Then we glued the hand to the middle of right side of the card. hand shape on card I folded the arm length paper accordion style and glued the left hand to the left side of the i love you this much paper. i love you this much card Now when you open up the card there is a nice arm length hug for daddy!

Happy Fathers Day!

Hand made cards are a special treat.   Take a look at some of the other hand made card ideas from the Quirky Mommas:

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  1. CUTE! My son’s MDO did this for Mother’s Day and I love that I now have a visual of both his hand size and arm length to keep forever!