The year 2014 was a year of many firsts, many tears and many surprises… and through all of these events with our kids their Dads were right there as champions and guides. This post is dedicated to all of you out there who are the best Dads to your kids.  We love you and your kids love you!  It is compiled by the moms on our  facebook page  – stop by if you haven’t left a photo of your kids Dad to tell him how much he made your kids year. the best dads of 2014    

 The Best Dad is…

“Braiding our daughter’s hair.” – Ashley “The man who gives his whole family the biggest hugs.” – Lisa The best dads are   The fairy – “This is my angel of a husband at our daughter Layla’s 6th fairy-themed birthday party.” – Natalie The man with flowers in his hair.  “Our daughter is three and she loves to decorate her dad.” – Babina The Dad who treats his daughter like his princess and dressed as her king.  “My princess has a great dad and big brother.” – Misty the best dads are 2 The best Dads buy flowers from their daughter’s  flower shop. -Amanda This Dad knows how to make his kids shriek with glee as he drives them in their “ships” – Rachel The best Dads wear turtles if it means more quality time with their tykes  -Nameka “Dressing up as a monkey for a day out at the zoo!”  Just one of the many things this Dad does that make him the best. – Rebecca The best dads aren’t afraid of getting dirty with their kiddos – Jodi of Meaningful Mama   dads of the year

Dad-of the-Year

He teaches our son the value of hard work – Birute of Playtivities The best dads make cookies, on the floor, so their tot can “help” – Jodi of Meaningful Mama My Dad, is the best dad.  He gives my daughter his ice cream even if it’s his favorite flavor.  – Becky of Your Modern Family My husband stays home with all three of our kids (6,4, and 1) and does an amazing job!!! I am so proud of him. – Elizabeth the best dads are 3

 A Father’s Love has no End

My daughter had an amazing dad…this was from our last family photoshoot. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly [to me] this is a perfect picture of what fatherhood is. – Nicole “Love is… letting the seven year old steer!!” – Heather Worlds best dad right here – Rachael “My husband is an amazing daddy. The kind of father I wish I had growing up. It makes him even more attractive to me. Love that man to pieces and couldn’t do it without him!” – Carmel   the best dads are 4

The Best Dad is…

“Making roads for our little one  to use with his Hot Wheels cars.” – Nicole “A dad who cooks breakfast and plays dress up at the same time is a pretty awesome dad.” -Neha “the Dada patiently playing cashier with son at children’s museum” – Cllaudiia THe man who takes time off of work to have a “Teatime” – Jenny He is an awesome dad – He seeks out events to join our son in – Louise the best dads are 4   “The best dad climbs over a hedge to kiss our son hello after a 2 hour commute home from work.” -Ngoc He carried our daughter when she said she wanted  to go higher – Sandra of Little Learning Lovies He makes me love him more when I see how much he loves his boy! – Virginia He is his child’s superhero!  “Our daughter truly believes her dad is the REAL SPIDERMAN.” – Nicolize the best dads of 2014 a He will build an igloo even if it takes him all morning – Becky of Your Modern Family They bundle their kids up to avoid the cold – Liz of Love and Marriage He loves your kids, no matter what “This is the moment I knew he was going to be the perfect Step-Dad for my girl.”  – Jamie Totally the Bomb He joins and supports his child’s wacky plans and ideas… “Yea…she’s little red riding hood and he was the big bad wolf” – Brandi  

Best Dad of the Year

Who would you nominate to be the Dad of the year?  Stop by our facebook page and tell us all about him. Hey! Check out these great father and child activities too!    

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