Are you a camping family or would you like to be? It’s an awesome way to unplug, connect with nature, and spend time as family.

This car top 2-person tent might be the coolest new idea we’ve seen for camping in awhile. It attaches to the crossbars of your vehicle allowing you to sleep up top and off the ground!

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The Silverwing SWT80S Soft Roof Tent is a pop up, soft shell tent that can fit two adults and their gear. With a footprint of approximately 8 by 5 feet, you can easily fit two sleeping bags, especially with the option of car storage below, and the included 2 inch thick mattress makes sleeping even more comfortable.

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Also included is an adjustable and foldable ladder which packs right up into the tent for storage. The tent also personal storage pockets for shoes, glasses, and other items you need to keep close by, and fully meshed doors and windows to keep out the bugs and allow maximum ventilation. The tent pops up and down easily for use and storage too.

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Why camp on the roof? As Silverwing suggests, “You’ll stay dry and have peace of mind, being up and away from the rocks, mud, and creepy crawlies.” We have to admit, a mattress on a flat surface might be much better than waking up at 3am to find a rock in your back.

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The Silverwing SWT80S Soft Roof Tent is available at Costco for $1199, which includes the tent set up, mattress, and the mechanisms to attach it to your vehicle.

They do suggest checking your owner’s manual to see if you will need to upgrade the crossbars to handle the weight.

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  1. Roof top tents or RTTs have been around a very long time. Some are amazing with awnings and annexes for changing. Very popular in the outback and overlanding/Jeep communities.