We have collected the most entertaining girls sleepover activities for all young girls, and even a bunch of teens, from all over the internet and beyond. From slumber party games to slumber party crafts; we have fun sleepover activities and ideas for girls of all ages. Grab your little girl, her best friends, and let’s do a little planning!

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a purple background with yellow stars and white speckles with a collage of circles with pictures of various sleepover activities from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s plan a sleepover!

Great Sleepover Games and Activities

There is so much fun to be had at slumber parties! Sleepovers can be for a child’s birthday party or just a bunch of friends getting together to eat junk food and play different games. All you need for a great themed slumber party; is sleepover games, a fashion show, pup tents, great party favors, and ice cream! 

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FAVORITE Girls sleepover Activities

Different themes for a girls’ sleepover allows them to have a great time with their favorite friends. Once they decide on their theme they can choose some classic sleepover activities and fun indoor games to play. 

Girls and sleepovers just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these great sleepover ideas are so perfect. These activities will encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Most slumber party ideas are boring and only involve a movie marathon but these slumber party ideas will have you planning your child’s next slumber party because this one will be the best slumber party ever! If these girls sleepover activities look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Fun Sleepover Games, Activities, and Crafts

Picture shows a toy flower covered in graphic skinz: a plastic coating of designs in red, yellow, pink blue, orange, and purple from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s get to wrapping!

1. Graphic Skinz Design Studio

Graphic Skinz Design Studio is a great gift for your sleepover party goers.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a child's hands holding a clear jar full of a sugar scrub in a rainbow of colors from Kids Activities Blog.
Sugar scrubs are so sweet!

2. Rainbow Sugar Scrub

Forget teen party games; just let them make this DIY Rainbow Sugar Scrub.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image is mostly black only showing the glow of a flashlight and light reflecting on a child's blonde hair and the white of her shirt from Kids Activities Blog.
Scavenger hunts are more fun in the dark!

3. Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Flashlight Scavenger Hunts make great indoor activities after dark!

Sleepover Games and activities- Picture shows a girl's hands being drawn on with yellow, blue, purple, and pink ink in swirly designs from Kids Activities Blog.
Painted hands are so pretty!

4. Henna Hands

Henna Hands from drawing with gel pens are so easy to create.

Sleepover Games and activities- Picture shows images of lips painted green, red, and blue with a picture of lipstick tubes with green, light blue, blue, purple, red, and orange from Kids Activities Blog.
What color will you make?

5. Make Lipstick With Crayons

Use this simple recipe to Make Lipstick With Crayons of different colors.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a background of green grass and a stick with a star on top made of hot glue and gold paint and glitter from Kids Activities Blog.
Fairy wands are so much fun!

6. Fairy Wands

Fairy Wands help every little girl pretend to be magical.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a room lit with a black light with glowing paper, pens, scissors, kids, and glow sticks from Motherhood On A Dime.
Black light and glow sticks are so much fun!

7. Glowing Play

Try this activity to experiment with science from Motherhood On A Dime.

Sleepover Games and activities- Picture is of two children putting large fluffy white marshmallows in their mouth with a kitchen sink and a window in the background from Halle Cake.
How chubby is your bunny?

8. The Chubby Bunny Challenge

How many marshmallows can you stuff in your mouth with this challenge from Halle Cake?

Sleepover Games and activities- Picture shows pillow cases that have lots of different images drawn on them. Images include an orange basketball, a yellow pineapple, a green pear, a rainbow, pink cherries among other fruits from Be A Fun Mum.
DIY pillowcases are so much fun to create with fabric paint!

9. Design Your Own Pillowcase

After you finish designing your pillowcase from Be A Fun Mom, have a pillow fight!

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows people holding white coffee carafes decorated with red flowers, green swirls, yellow letters, and assorted colored dots from The Gunny Sack.
Enjoy this fun way to drink iced coffee!

10. DIY Iced Coffee Carafes

Make your carafe as original as you with this idea from The Gunny Sack!

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows dream catchers made with pink, red, blue, yellow, and white yarn, felt, washout tape, and pony beads from Art Bar.
Good times and good dreams!

11. DIY Dream Catchers

Help your sleepover party have sweet dreams with this activity from Art Bar.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows girls dressed in pink pajamas lying on pink pillows and sheets from Kara's Party Ideas.
Dress your next sleepover in pink!

12. Pajama Glam Slumber Party

Download the pdf party plan from Kara’s Party Ideas to have your own pajama party.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a collage of pictures of girls dressed in tin foil and toilet paper rolls from Come Together Kids.
Tin foil can be used as anything!

13. Tin Foil And Toilet Paper Challenge

Older kids can have a fun slumber party fashion show from Come Together Kids.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a green ribbon bracelet with white flowers and white and green buttons and white elastic fastener from Totally The Bomb.
Let’s make a ribbon bracelet!

14. Ribbon Bracelet

Create this fashionable ribbon bracelet from Totally The Bomb.

Sleepover Games and activities- Picture shows a DIY board game named spin the bottle. There are sections lined out for nail polish bottles to sit in every color from One Creative Mommy.
Spin the polish bottle to win!

15. Spin The Nail Polish Bottle

This is not your classic sleepover game from One Creative Mommy.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a unicorn made from wash tape of various colors and patterns; black and white chevron, green and white polka dots, blue and whit chevron, and yellow, pink and blue plain tape with a blue horn from Totally The Bomb.
This DIY unicorn is so cute!

16. Make a Washi Tape Unicorn

Totally The Bomb‘s washi tape unicorn will be the hit of your girls sleepover activities.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows cushions sewn and folded with a slipcover on them that is white with red, orange, yellow, and blue triangles from Chica Circle.
DIY your sleepover mat today!

17. Reinventing Outdoor Cushions into Sleepover Mats

The most fun sleepovers involve sleeping on the floor like Chica Circle.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a black background and water bottles with the contents of glow sticks porured in them to glow from Kix Cereal.
Let’s bowl!

18. Glow in the Dark Bowling

This bowling game from Kix Cereal is as fun to make as it is to play!

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows young girls wearing purple and blue shirts coloring paper with ink in a rainbow of colors from Chica Circle.
Parties are more fun with painting crafts!

19. Slumber Party Pillow Case Craft Idea

Make this pillowcase with a piece of paper from Chica Circle.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a girl wearing a pink eye mask on her head with eye lids and lashes painted on it from Go Make Me.
Let’s make an eye mask!

20. Eye Mask DIY Project

Enjoy this face mask party activity until the next morning from Go Make Me.

Sleepover Games and activities- Image shows a little girl with a pink boa singing in a black microphone from Parents.
Putting on a show!

21. 13 Epic Sleepover Ideas

These 13 sleepover ideas are a great way to start your party off right from Parents!

More Of Our Favorite Sleepover Games and Activities

Looking for more fun sleepover games? These are some of our favorites!


Which of the entertaining girls sleepover activities are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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