Everyone wants to help the bees! Now more than ever, they need human assistance to provide housing and protection for their colonies to survive and strive.

Costco is joining in, by offering a Native Bee House you can buy to attract bees to your yard!

Courtesy of Costco

This adorable bee barn is made from pine and bamboo and is designed to attract non-agressive non-stinging native bees. Non-native bees don’t produce honey or swarms, and are the most prolific pollinators on the planet.

Courtesy of Costco

How does it work? Once a native-bee queen decides to move into the house, she’ll use all the tubes to lay her eggs. Then she’ll seal off all the entrances so the baby bees can grow safely. Her lifespan is only one season, so this season’s babies are next season’s pollinators.


According to Costco, the Native Bee House features include:

  • Attracts non-stinging super pollinating native bees
  • Provides a habitat and home base for native bees (not included)
  • Native bees out-pollinate honey bees 30 to 1
  • Native bees do not produce honey or beeswax
  • Provide shelter for next season’s offspring
Courtesy of Costco

The Native Bee House is reusable. The tubes can be cleaned out with a pipe cleaner to use it again the following season and help keep bees sheltered in your yard. The Native Bee House retails for $29.97 at Costco, and helping the bees is priceless.

Courtesy of Costco

If you don’t have a Costco near you, you can order online, or check out the option from Ikea or one you can build from Lego!

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