Are you looking for zoom activities for kids? We’ve got them! If you’re simply looking for a great option in your online classes, or looking for a way to spend time with friends, here are four fun zoom games and activities you can do at your next zoom meeting. These zoom activities are great for kids of all ages. Everyone will love these zoom activities for kids whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

Zoom Activities For Kids- Image shows a compilation of zoom activities from different sources.
Looking for a fun way to make the most out of your zoom call?

Fun Activities To Do On A Zoom Call

Who said you cannot have fun on a video call? There are many fun games you can do on this popular online platform. We are sharing a list of items to have fun online with children of all ages, both young children and older kids, that you can do on any video chat platform, such as Google Hangouts, Google Meet, or Zoom. If you are a teacher doing distance learning and need a fun zoom activity to do with your students, or a parent that wants an easy game to do with the family online, you’re bound to find a great idea here.

Zoom Activities For Kids- Image shows the Hogwarts castle for a background for ZOOM backgrounds. Idea from Kids activities blog
Show your screen in a different way next time you have a zoom call!

1. Here’s A List Of Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds Your Kids Can Use During Their Next Class Call

Next time you’re in front of the camera, don’t settle for a basic, boring background like the wall… A fun way to attend an online learning session is with a fun background! with Zoom virtual backgrounds, kids can pretend to be anywhere they want for their next classroom meetup! Yes, even Hogwarts!

Zoom Activities For Kids- Image shows online bingo cards. Idea from Fun With Mama
Bingo games are both fun and exciting games!

2. Free Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

These free Bingo cards for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary grade school kids are sure to be fun! Plus, they are very simple to play even apart from each other. Simply have every person print their own cards from their own home and play at the same time during an online session, and the rules stay the same. Simple, easy, and fun! From Fun With Mama.

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Here is a list of games for you!

3. Eight Easy Games To Use in Your Online Zoom Class

Here are some fun, free, virtual games to keep students engaged while honing your zooming skills! For example, Charades, a classic game, is one of the easiest zoom games that don’t require any setting up, and Fantabulous is a good idea no matter how many people are playing. From My Heart 2 Teach.

Zoom Activities For Kids- Image shows a kid playing on a zoom call on a laptop. Idea from Preschool home activities
These are the best games for preschoolers!

4. Zoom Activities for Preschoolers (30 Ideas)

If you’ve got preschoolers or kindergarteners, you’ll love these 30 zoom activities! They provide a great way for kids to stay in touch and play games even if they are inside their homes. Some are normal games turned into virtual games, like Simon Says, but there is a bit of everything, such as I spy with my little eye, a game that can be played by younger kids and older kids alike. From Preschool Home Activities.

Why We Love These Zoom Activities For Kids

These fun zoom games are great for kids of all ages. They’re a great way to keep in touch of friends. And there are other great games you can play on zoom as well especially if you’re in the classroom, playing with friends on a rainy day, or relatives like:

  • Simon Says
  • Online Board Game
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mad Libs
  • Guessing Game

Want more online activities? We have plenty At Kids ACtivties Blog

What was your favorite zoom activity?

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