This Mom’s Hack Makes Potty Training On the Go Easy Peasy and I Can’t Wait to Try It

A mom recently shared her hack for potty training while out and about, and it’s absolutely genius.

As parents, we’ve all been there. We take our recently potty-trained child out to the store or to the park and they suddenly need to go. It happens at the most inconvenient times, am I right?

Potty training
Potty training may be hard, but one mom shared her mom hack for potty training on the go.

But if you bring a mini port-a-potty with you, as mom Amanda Sallaska suggests via One Little Project, it becomes a whole lot less stressful for both you and your kiddo.

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Posted by One Little Project on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

How to Create a Mini Port-a-Potty for Potty Training on the Go

A must-have when potty training is a little car potty that you stash away in the trunk from trips out of the house. But — I can say from experience — this can get… well, messy.

After your kiddo goes, you either need to find a way to dispose of the waste, or close the potty up and risk it spilling on the drive home.

Mini potty
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Amanda Sallaska has an easy fix: insert a pull-up into the bowl part of the mini potty. That way when your kiddo needs to go, no matter where you are, it’s significantly easier to clean up. Bags can also be added to the mini toilet, but bags don’t often fit as well and can sometimes make an even bigger mess.

Pull up diaper

Using a pull-up in the mini potty makes toilet training on the go oh so much easier. I wish I had thought of this mom hack when I was potty training my own two little ones!

Potty training requires patience, persistence and for many kids, presents. If your Big Kid responds well to incentives,…

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Need some extra help with potty training your kiddo? You can also schedule call from their favorite Disney character! They’ll cheer your child on, which can be super encouraging.

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