Not every child is ready to be potty trained just because you are ready to have them potty trained. Sometimes, you will have a reluctant child so today, we are sharing our favorite tips for potty training the strong-willed child. 

First, let me just remind you that every child is different. Our oldest son was a breeze to potty train, while our younger kids were a little harder. That’s ok because, in the end, I don’t remember any students walking into my second-grade classroom in a diaper… so it will happen.

In the meantime, here are some potty training tips to get you started…

  • Try letting him run around in a long tee shirt without pants.
  • Have a potty training weekend, where all that you focus on that weekend is using the potty.
  • Try potty training outside when it is nice out.  Take your potty outside and work on it while you play.  This will make cleanup a breeze, too.   My sister in law did this.
  • After he masters using the potty, start teaching him to wear pants and be okay with it.  This is definitely one of the hardest steps.
  • You can start young and potty train from 18 months and up.
  • Go cold turkey and get rid of the diapers.  Give them to the diaper fair (like the tooth fairy, but she takes diapers and leaves underwear).
  • If you flip back and forth it is very confusing for kids. Have some books by the potty for him to read when he is sitting there.
  • Use a sticker chart and keep it right by the potty so he has the visual.
  • Watch for potty training signs. If he is not showing the signs, you may want to wait and try again in a month or so.
  • Give your son an M&M every time he goes in the potty- it usually works well!
  • Use the potty train in 3 days method- many people have had success with it!
  • Go shopping for underwear and let him pick out what kind he likes for when he is ready.
  • Stay positive! If you turn it into a negative experience, he will get frustrated.

More Potty Training Help

Do you want more tips?   Check out this book or hop onto our facebook page for more info.

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