So your child has graduated from diapers to underwear and you couldn’t be more happy. You can finally say goodbye to those diapers and changing that diaper pail will be a thing of the past! The next step is throw your child  a party to celebrate their success but where do you start?

5 potty training party must-haves

We are going to make this easy on you (easier than the potty training was) by sharing with you 5 Potty Training Party Must-Haves so your party can be a success!

5  Things You Must Have at a Potty Training Party

A potty training party?

Yes!  This is a big deal!  Let’s celebrate!

Decorations for a Potty Training Party

Just like with any good party you need some fun decorations.

Potty Training Party Decorations

Bright, vibrant colors are perfect for a potty training party because kids love bright colors!  Don’t think you need to spend a fortune on decorations though. Instead, all you need is a bit of paper, a printer, and this totally free potty training toolkit.

Potty Training Party Food

Kids get hungry and it’s not always a pretty sight when they do. Keep simple finger foods and drinks around the party so the kiddos can snack and keep busy.

Kandoo cupcakes - potty training party

A good tip is to avoid any items that may pose an allergy to some kids (think items containing peanuts for example).

Party Potties

Let’s not forget that the potty is the hero that surrounds this fine party.

party potties - potty training

Getting a potty for each child can serve as a remembrance for their amazing accomplishment. If you can’t find a good deal on bulk potties, try making your own out of buckets from your local dollar store.

Potty Training Party Games

How else are you going to keep the kids entertained? Play fun games to remind kids of the reason they are there.

diaper toss at potty training party

A diaper toss is fun for both parents and children…Out with the diapers and in with the underwear.

Fun potty training coloring pages to download and print are a big party hit.  They can be used during the party or sent home for later fun reinforcing the potty training message.

potty training coloring pages

And a host of potty training printables are available from charts to award certificates.  All these things are adorable and completely usable from Kandoo’s website.

Potty Training Party Favors

A good party always gives out goodies to the guests. For a potty training party, you could give out items that would be used after the child goes potty.

potty party favors

For example, hand out Kandoo flushable wipes and even Kandoo Foaming Hand Soap. They are useful but fun party favors and tie right into the party theme.

brightfoam colors for handwashing

More Potty Training Help

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