For parents, potty training can be a confusing time.

At what age do you start? How do you know the kids are ready? And for that matter, where do you even begin? 

Potty training
Source: Huggies Pull-Ups

Call Mickey Mouse!

To make toilet-training fun, kids can receive an encouraging phone call from some of their favorite Disney characters.

How cool is that?

These phone calls — organized by Huggies Pull-Ups — are a fun way to get your kiddo excited to start using the bathroom.

I wish I knew about this before potty training my two kids! It would have made the process a whole lot easier!

Potty training Disney character
Source: Huggies Pull-Ups

How to Get a Free Disney Phone Call While Potty Training 

Getting a phone call is easy peasy!

You don’t even have to know Mickey Mouse’s phone number!

Either ask your virtual assistant Google Home or Amazon Alexa, “Ask Pull-Ups, Call Mickey Mouse,” or head on over to the Pull-Ups website here.

You and your kiddo can hear from not only classic characters like Mickey Mouse, but choose calls from Disney characters: Minnie Mouse, Woody and Bo Peep, or Lightning McQueen.

If they want to hear all the character calls, they can do that too, of course.

Disney character phone call
Source: Huggies Pull-Ups

All of the potty training hotline calls from Disney characters share the same positive message.

First, they ask, “Is a big kid there?”

They then share an adorable message about sticking to the potty training plan.

These iconic voices end the call with reminding your big kid that they’ll be there for them if they ever need to talk again. What a wonderful reward tool to help your kid with the big milestone of potty training!

Your kids will so excited to get started.  Your life will be easier because they are motivated.

Other Potty Training Reward Ideas

Reward Phone Calls

Receiving a phone call from their favorite Disney character isn’t the only resource on the Pull-Ups website.

Potty Training Reward Games

They also have some easy games and learning tools that make potty training easy for you and your kiddo.

Free Reward Chart

Download sticker charts to hang in the bathroom and further provide positive reinforcement.

Even More Reward Ideas

The site also shares some fun games that you can use to get them even more excited to succeed at using the potty, including a scavenger hunt, bathroom puzzle, and race.

If your child tends to get anxious about using public restrooms, try the Potty Seek & Find game.

These resources are so helpful! Not only will they help your child, but they help parents by providing a place to start with potty training.

Making Potty Training Easier (Things that REALLY Work)

From the Disney character phone call to the suggested games, potty training will seem a whole lot less scary and a whole lot more fun. 

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